Daily Inspirations no. 158

How about starting a new day as well as a new working week with a fresh doze of inspiration from Cruzine, a favorite magazine of web designers, illustrators, stylists, and representatives of all kinds of visual arts? Stunning nature photography, breathtaking 3D art, and touching digital paintings – all are here to excite your imagination and activate your creative thinking. Want something more? No problem, we also have cool typography samples, an interesting web project, some technology design innovations and architecture highlights to share with our readers. Finally, we also have a freebie – a business card design in Photoshop format – just download and use it for free in either commercial or personal projects of your own (don’t forget to thank / favorite the developer:).


Photo by Jeffry Surianto

Photo by Yudhisa Putra

Photo by Marc Da Cunha Lopes

Photo by Dan Holdsworth

Elderly Animals by Isa Leshko

Photo by Luke Austin

The Animals by Giacomo Brunelli

Photo by Peter van den berg


Artwork by Michael Parkes

Artwork by Bill Presing

Martial Arts by Pale Horse

Illustration 2010 by Denis Zilber

3d Arts

R6_Shot_10_Frame_128 by David Levy

Images from The Chronicles of Nerm Film by Chris Wilson

Rollomech by Chris Wilson

Art and Digital Art

Artwork by Frank Melech

Artwork by Marc Da Cunha Lopes

Artwork by Alexander Shumtsov

Artwork by Detlev Nitschke

Artwork by Igor Goncharov


Future Friend by Skinny Ships

TP Party typeface design by Wonil Suh

Beaatz cover by Matthew Mackay


Lego StarWars: Bone by Escola Cuca

Anagram: Sea by Kaspen

ZatteVrienden.be: Panties by Adrants


Museo Soumaya by FREE Fernando Romero EnterprisE

Sky District by Thomas Shorey, Ryan Nevius and Baptiste Roult


A3 E-tron by Audi

Zibal 60 by Mionix


Go Live!


Floral Business Card PSDs by Daniel Beehn

Download Business Card Template


REALISATION – Clip Ana Dess – “Elle Demeure” by KaAM le collectif


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