Cartoon Logo Designs – Wake a Child in Yourself

They say all of us descend from the childhood; and anything that reminds us about the sweetest time we had during the first decade or so of our lives raises the best and the warmest emotions in adults. Cartoon logo designs, we have on display today, may look childish, but aren’t they so inspiringly powerful, when it goes about charging yourself with the load of positive thinking, sincerity, and fun? Anyway, logo design being a part of marketing is all about creating the appropriate atmosphere by stimulating particular emotions in the target audience. Well, cartoon logo designs do prove this statement – look through our collection of cartoon logos and you’ll receive a daily dose of emotional vitamins. Tested and guaranteed by Cruzine team!

Pirates by sanya

Crazy Idea V1 by Mike Erickson

DODO Pizza by Gal

ocean by JRF

b-boy by deiv

iWag by Mikeymike

DODO pizza by Gal

Owlove by 13mu

Elle Bee Fashions by Jerron Ames

WOWCHA! by – Yoon -

Pizza Window by notation

Copenhagen Wolves Gaming by matthiason

DODO pizza by Sergey Babenko

Mr & Mrs Limone by Creatibros

lunch with me by artmns2

SaltyDog_V1 by Mikeymike

Chef Boyar Dog by Double A

Where I Ride_v4 by I-am-Tiago

White Rabbit (v.2.1) by Sergey Babenko

Tacoast by Oronoz ®

Hootie and Sqweaks by Mikeymike

boy&girl by geniuslogo

The_MUSE by Snowkai

DEEP SIX BREWERY by Mike Erickson

grrrafix by alexmark

Nulaz by andreiu

Someday by Mikeymike

appenstein by Oronoz ®

Pavlin (Peacock) by ru_ferret

Gnomeangel by itsgareth

Yellow moon by Rincon

insomnia lab by urbansicc

moshi by birdcreativeworks

Tiny Red Bus by gynemeth78

Green Monkey Tea by strangeideas

Monster Pizza by Oronoz ®

Gerhardt Bakery by jurikov

Sketchy Cat Creative by grabbdesigns

Russian field by grabbdesigns

Lee Jackson by firebrand

Mad Adz Productions by Leah Hartley

netex2 by Mike Erickson

Wharton Wildmen by matthiason

Lickety Split by irishbug

mutant shark by roktiv


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