Adrenaline Photography – Fight or Flight Situations

It increases heart rate, constricts blood vessel and dilates air passages in order to deliver more blood to the muscles and more air to the lungs and thus help a human survive in a dangerous or unexpected situation. This is the mechanism of action of a hormone, called adrenaline or epinephrine. The word “adrenaline” today is, perhaps, the only example of a medical term, known and used widely beyond medical sphere. It has become a synonym for excitement, passion, adventure, and risk, and it is now closely associated with extreme activities, such as mountaineering, jumping, and challenging sports, such as racing, parachuting, or skiing. We have devoted our today’s gallery of photographs to all kind of activities, where adrenaline plays the leading role, being at the same time the aim and the means of achieving that aim.

Why do people do such seemingly crazy and obviously dangerous things, as jumping from high rocks into the sea, participating in rodeo, or feeding wild animals with bare hands? Of course, the reasons are multiple and different: from love to the wild nature to excitement of the free fall, but in every situation you will find the similar component – adrenaline. This hormone puts a human body into such a unique physiological state, which is both dangerous and cherished simultaneously. The one, who once experienced the influence of adrenaline charge, will definitely urge for the same experience again in the future. That is why, drivers usually return to racing even after the most dreadful accidents, and people of all ages return to the ferris wheel or roller coaster even if they were frightened to death, visiting those attractions earlier. Obviously, people love adrenaline… Some of the ways to get it are described on the pictures below, but, please, do not take this post as the guideline or direct motivation towards specific actions!

*** by Evgeny Vasenev

Maybe dangerous by Marc Schilling

Trust by Frank Decker

*** by Anna Log

Yabadabaduuu by Alex Bolshakov

Powder turn by Kirill Umrikhin

Only this moment by Natalia Ilina

*** by Evgeny Vasenev

i’ll make ya famous by Roof Topper

*** by Mihail Kopychko

Risky Business by Boris Issaev

Left Moscow passage by Viktor Lyagushkin

High by Ilya Rashap

Ollie North by JL Photo

Wind Power 2010 by Yurii

Jump by Alexander Trishin

Lazy Boy by Artem Achkasov

Kayaking the Payette River by Franklin Thompson

A dangerous leap. by auster

Will-o’-the-wisp by Fonzy

The diver by Graham De Lacy

Street sport by A.G. photographe

GO, GO, GO! by Marcel Rebro

Reach by Alexandre Buisse

Pink Panther by Alexandre Buisse

Joki Racing Cow by Rahmat Gusra

Zero G by Shane Peterson

Grab the sun by Greg Mistral

Cliffs of ailladie by Juraj Navratil

Photo by berto

WaterworlD by Orazio Scuderi

Hard work by Sterrer Dieter

Dangerous Game Area by Ilhan Marasli

beach boy by Lumatic

Backflip na Nuseláku by Křendy

Ship Garthsnaid, ca 1920s by Alexander Harper Turner

Madrid by David Terrazas

Off Road Motorbikes by Ula

Le Saut d’Acomat by Fabrice ROSE

Crocodile wrestlers dice with death in jaw-snapping show by Ben Thé Man

Jump by jovivebo

Oh. . . (fill in the blank) by Stephen Moore

The Jump by Juan Luis Duran

V ohni by ..::sOBE::..


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