Daily Inspirations no. 157

Is there any other source of artistic inspiration, which could compete in the mightiness and richness with the humans themselves and with the nature? Beauty of a human body, sincerity of a human heart, and pureness of a human soul have always inspired artists to create true art with the same values expressed. Nature with its perfectness and harmony is another powerful source of inspiration, which is easy to recognize looking through the collection of photographs, chosen for our today’s inspirational set. Of course, speaking about digital art with its multiple and diverse forms – sources of artists’ inspiration also diversify. Today, one can be inspired with a TV commercial, magazine headline, or a new concept car displayed. However, whatever source of inspiration is, the result of the art process is what matters and what is valued…


Green Guardians Calendar 2011 by Suresh Natarajan

Rainbow Gathering by Benoit Paillé

Free Spirits by Rob Woodcox

Bali by Emilia Lloret

Photo by Marco Tenaglia

Photo by Kevin Cooley

Refuge by Kevin Cooley

Photo by Artem Abramov

True Raver Girl by Alexa Karii


Mastema by Jakob Eirich

Feelin’ Good by Nathan Walker

Poster Sheriff – Cop’n'roll by DAVID VICENTE

Disco Inferno by Joel Carlo

3d Arts

FROG by Marcos Nicacio

Hot Dog Sal de Fruta Eno by Raoni Nery

Art and Digital Art

Brainstorming essentials by Ion P.

NEO-ROMANTIC. by Violeta Hernández

Illustrations 2010/2011- Those Stars In My Eyes by Yee Von Chan

Illustration #2 by Berto Martinez

Rótulo by Thiago Neumann


PGS by Richard Perez

Untitled by magginoem

Computer Arts Projects by Jeremy Pettis


Viaje Mais Magazine: Egypt by LP360

Best 2010 Commercials: Coke by Love

Bezeq: Superman by ACW Grey


EVITA wall lamp by AquiliAlberg

Windswept by Francisco J. del Corral del Campos and Carmen M. Barrós Velásquez


The Karma plug-in hybrid electric vehicle by Fisker Automotive

Gyrocopter by Cavalon




Blank T-Shirt – White 001 by Angel A. Acevedo

Download T-shirt Template


Hello, I Like You by Mixtape Club


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