Water Mammals – the Creations of the Whimsical Mother-Nature

The group of water or aquatic mammals is very rich and diverse. It includes multiple species of animals dwelling either in oceans or in fresh water. They often differ drastically in looks, features, and size. Some of them, for example, whales – the largest mammals ever, sea cows, and dolphins, live entirely in the water and cannot reside on land. Nonetheless, it is interesting to note that their ancestors did dwell on land long before they evolved into these primarily ocean-dwelling creatures. Another group of water mammals are partially adapted to living on land as well as in the water. These include seals, walruses, beavers, otters, hippos, platypuses, etc. They are often called semi-aquatic mammals. Although these animals are all interesting and each of them possesses some peculiar features, the most unusual one is a platypus. This weird animal has a duck bill, otter feet, and a beaver tail. In addition, it belongs to the few venomous mammals known to us.

Well, we can talk about these unusual water-residing animals (to which by the way belongs a polar bear as well, because it spends most of the time on sea ice), or we can take a look at all these wonderful creatures. We are happy to invite you to our today showcase dedicated to the fascinating images of water mammals. Words can undoubtedly give much information about something; however, photographs can sometimes tell us even more, especially if they are taken by the skilled photographers. The images may be not that scientifically loaded, but they are surely much more important in terms of emotional and aesthetic value.

Beaked whales near Puerto Tazacorte by Sebastian Johnke

July by NavyCurrentsMagazine

Cachalot or Sperm Whale (Physeter macrocephalus) by Tim Stenton

Pilot Whales by Ahmed Azleem

Grey Whale by Amanda

Gray Whale breach by omigoat

Crazy Fin whale (Balaenoptera physalus) by Justin Hart

Bryde’s Whale Calf by Myer Bornstein

Bryde’s Whale, Shark Bay_025_171210 by NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service

Minke whale by longwing1

Antarctic Minke Whale (1) by CAZ Photo Journal

Minke Whale, Great Barrier Reef by Scott Portelli

Bowhead whale by Jim Erekson

Humpback Whale Breach 100 by Jon Cornforth

The fluke of a whale as it dives by Ben Thé Man

Killer Whales (Orcas) – Sea of Cortez, Mexico by James Scott

Nanook the Beluga Whale 4395 by casch52

Break Dance by Scott Eggers

Risso’s Dolphin by Jim Scarff

Common dolphin (Delphinus genus) by John Mc Garry

Short Beaked Common Dolphin (Delphinius delphis) by Tim Stenton

Short-beaked Common Dolphin by Ian Davies

Long Beaked Common Dolphin (Delphinius capensis) by Tim Stenton

Amazonasdelphin / Amazon River Dolphin (Inia geoffrensis) by Sexecutioner

Dolphin’s dinner by Zemlinki!

Manatee_Next_Generation_1 by Carol Grant

Manatee by BrianWpic

Manatee by Dave Irving

Elephant Seal Pup 4 by patfalvey

Elephant Seal Calling by Nina Finn-Kelcey

Norway, Svalbard by Richard McManus

Closeup of a walrus by Eric Hochstadt

Seal relaxing in seaweed bed on Skye by Ben Thé Man

How cute can you possibly get? by Ville Miettinen

A Chance Encounter – Carmel, California by Jim Patterson

Hippopotamus wpz by studiod_baltico1

Hippopotamus by Riccardo Cuppini

Hippopotamus by AchimF

Hippopotamus by Torsten Heider

Platypus by Nicole Duplaix

Platypus by Sean Crane

Capybara by dpfunsun

Lutrogale perspicillata – Glattotter – Smooth-coated otter by Johannes Pfleiderer

Spotted-Necked Otter by Charlene-SJ

Playful nature of Asian Small-clawed Otter by Ben Thé Man

Hello there! I’m Amalia. by Marina Ribeiro

North American River Otter by FreeSpirit5

Polar bear by IN CHERL KIM

See no evil… by ucumari

Biesbosch Beaver by Edgar Thissen

Happy Beaver by stevehdc


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