Urban Illustrations – the Cities Seeing by the Creative Eyes

Our today showcase may probably be called one of the brightest and the most colorful galleries ever on this site. It is dedicated to urban illustrationsuncommon, ravishing, magic, and unique. The human kind tends to globalization and urbanization these days. We have no slightest doubt that it is very cozy, pleasant, and peaceful to live in the country where one can unite with nature and stay on alone with his thoughts; still, the busy life, the most vigorous activity, and all the progress of this world definitely take place in the big cities. Yes, they are crowded and noisy, often messy and always in a rush, but they are literary the places where the future begins…

The images collected in this gallery reflect the ways modern creative illustrators view and perceive the contemporary life in the cities, or how they imagine the future of those. Sometimes these illustrations seem to be grotesque and funny, sometimes – too sad and frustrating, but this is what our life on this planet is made of – happiness and sorrow. One of the most vivid features of the majority of these images is the presence of multiple buildings practically stuck together with the windows starring at us like the eyes of some creatures. What do you feel watching these illustrations? Does it seem like a tiny person is going to get lost in all those crammed with concrete and glass cities? Well, in fact, they make the perfect environment for the modern human being to survive in.

Drawings from Queens, New York by Tedd Kim

FORGET 2074 by Radek Sadowski

TFL Urban Design by David Enker

Cityscapes by Lok Jansen

Miscillstration by John Lee

CITY LIFE! by Kelly Chilton

Urban Cartography II: The Metro by Alex Varanese

Pavement Loop by Alex Varanese


Cities by Vesa Sammalisto

London Psycho-Geographies by Lizzie Mary Cullen

Urban Cartography by Alex Varanese

NYC by Josh Graham

Tales of Urban Decay by Vero Navarro

Ground by Philippe Nicolas

New York Psycho-Geographies by Lizzie Mary Cullen


100% HKDesigns for Beijing Store opening by Calvin Ho

Line DenCity by IC4DESIGN

City Life [Series] by Timothy J. Reynolds

Stockholm The Hidden by Kilian Eng

POP UP BOOK for Istanbul by Burcu Gunister

BLACKROCK – campaign illustration by Philippe Intraligi

City of decay by Anton Semenov

Marriage Proposal by Anton Semenov

Cities, Roads & Factories by Loulou and Tummie

Architecture by Mattias Adolfsson

ARTWORK #01 by Chris Gall

Neo NYC by Pacman23

Jam City by zutto

City Toys by Vadim Gannenko


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