Equus Ferus Caballus – Guess What It Means

Germans call them “Pferde”, Frenchmen – “Chevaux”, Italians would say “Cavalli”, and Turks use the word “Atlar” to define these mammals… We, at Cruzine, would like to use the universal language of the photography or a visual image, which is clearly understandable worldwide by people of all the nationalities and races. Well, you have obviously recognized the animals, featured in the gallery below – these are horses, of course. Actually, apart from one upsetting incident with the Trojan horse, for many centuries of serving people horses have gained a very good reputation. Strong and enduring, loyal and friendly, clever and amusing - horses helped people in work and in war, in travels and in sport, in entertainment and even in medicine.

Interaction of horses with humans is significant. They have become an integral part of our culture and contributed greatly into our achievements and progress. One interesting fact from the science about horses is that there is only one kind of the true wild horse alive today – Przewalski’s horse. On the other hand, there are more than 300 breeds of domestic horses in the world today. We have included many photographic pictures of horses into this gallery, but it is still not enough to illustrate horses. Indeed, horses are individuals – even having similar appearance, all the horses have different characters. This feature makes them somehow similar to humans, isn’t it?

Horse_noses by Greta Korff

Night horse by Andrew Yanovskiy

Horse by Ilya Belov

Horse by Peter Pokrovsky

Horse by Vadim Trunov

Horse dragon by Alexia Khruscheva

Horse by Michael Ushakov

Horse’s breakfast by Maxim Khytra

Akhalteke horse by Artur Baboev

horse by Alexander Popov

Keep smile ! by Svetlana Petrova

Horse by Denis Demkov

Icelandic Horses by BCrawfordPhoto

Horse – upset … by Luis Povoa

Horses in the Sky by Maxim Letovaltsev

Horse Fight by Behnam Safarzadeh

Running Horses by Artem Andronov

Freedom in Fury by João Coutinho

ANIMALS by Tim Platt

Documentary 1 by Juan Camilo Palacio Ruíz

Documentary 1 by Witness

Himalaya & Horses by Wayne Haag


Armenia, horses by Arthur Sakhkalyan

Horse by Dimitar Hristov

Gaucho rodeo, Argentina by Emma Hodson

Icelandic Horses- B&W by Patrycja Makowska

Poldros by João Pedro Botas

Partners by Brin

black and white by Vedran Vidak

Horses at sunrise by b.neeleman

Wild horses by Vedran Vidak

Fight by Vedran Vidak

come .. by holger droste

A long day by Mihnea Turcu

horse in water by Vedran Vidak

White horse by Vedran Vidak

Follow me guys! by Brin

Wild horses by Vedran Vidak

Steaming and attentive…. – after the Pull by Lars Klottrup

Call of nature by Groucho

restrained by Andrei Contiu

A gleam from the sun by Brin

Icelandic horses by Lars Grepstad

Mirando lejos by Eduardo Amorim

Aureole by Hennie van Heerden

Arréglate, matungo! by Eduardo Amorim

Antes dos bretes… by Eduardo Amorim

Rapa das Bestas Sabucedo 2008 by carlinhos75

Heart – Oldkladruby Horse by Pavel Conka

Stay away from me weirdo !! by Ammar AL-Othman


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