Daily Inspirations no. 153

Cameron Moll, once named to be one of the top 20 web designers in the world, once had an interesting thought. Well, obviously, this man had and still has many interesting thoughts, but this one just refers to the scope of Cruzine magazine – design and inspiration in particular. So, once Cameron said: “Influence is borrowed, inspiration is earned. Create opportunities to earn it, and have a plan to capture it.” Well, if that is true, then we have many opportunities for you to capture inspiration, which is available in abundance in our daily inspirational sets of photography, digital art, advertising, and architectural masterpieces.


Rachael Grasso & Jessica Moloney by Zac Steinic

Photo by SAM LIM

Photo by TJ Scott

Photo by TJ Scott

Photo by TJ Scott

Photo by Laura Kok

Photo by Robert Gühne

Photo by Filipe Caetano

Photo by Filipe Caetano


Killer Chocolate by Alexey Egorov

UNDERWORLD I (Insectus) by Robert Steven Connett

ForHakerMagazine by RodionBadminton

Hello Cassette by Anneka Tran

3d Arts

Zero Gravity Hotdog Appreciators by Daniel Levanon

Art and Digital Art

Artwork by Belostotskii Artem Artemovich

Artwork by Sergey Cherkasov

Artwork by Jace Wallace

:) by Betania Zacarias

Between Clouds // Entre Nubes by Manuel Rodríguez Sánchez

Photo by Angelika Peißker


02. LCD Soundsystem – This Is Happening by Richard Perez

I want to ride my bike 001 by Marco Goran Romano

SHED SEVEN – 2 APRILE 2011 by MEAT collettivo grafico


WMF Knives: Potato by KNSK

Lego StarWars: Graffiti by Escola Cuca

Nike: Road 5 by JWT


Hemeroscopium by Antón García-Abril

Sinfonia Varsovia Concert Hall by Atelier Thomas Pucher



GranCabrio by Maserati




Globe Icons by Eugen Buzuk

Download Icons


Cafe cowboy by Benedict Campbell


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