Parkour Gallery – Are You Sure People Don’t Fly?

Efficiency and speed – these are two primary features of parkour – a very specific urban sport discipline, aiming at reaching the destination point in the quickest way possible and overcoming all the obstacles on the way with the help of such skills as running, climbing, jumping, wall scaling, rolling, etc. Parkour is not yet recognized as an official sport discipline… But, who cares? When you look at those guys, running, jumping, falling, and again running along the street, it seems that their art does not need any official recognition, because they do things, which the majority would consider impossible or just above natural capabilities of a human being.

Do you want to see what parkour looks like? If so, then forget about the law of gravitation and get yourself ready for enjoying the stunning pictures of the parkour art, captured by no less skillful and quick photographers. The gallery below demonstrates the nature of parkour art – on these pictures you can see such details that your eye would never be able to recognize in dynamics. Parkour is always about challenge. When a “traceur” (the one, who practices parkour) sees some obstacle on his way, he has to invent the way of overcoming it quickly and in the most efficient way possible. Furthermore, once the obstacle is left behind, it usually takes only a few seconds for another one to appear and for a new challenge to start. That is why parkour belongs to art – the art of constant taking on new and new challenges of the surrounding…


Le Parkour by Mark Lilly

City Surfers by Ken Hermann

Parcour – To the Limit by Kolja Warnecke

Parkour Freerun Freerunner SHOOT by ALEXANDER JAMES

Parkour by Rhys Logan

Finnish Parkour training by Christoffer Relander

Parkour June 2010 by Richard Kong

dreaming by Stepan Radibog

Move by Aashith Shetty

Parkour by Chris Kessler

Project Parkour: Codie Rising by Andrew Obenreder

Spiderman! by Nikos Koutoulas

Parkour in Lyon by Délicate&Saine

flipping the heatwave by Mark Madeo

Photo by r c hill

Jump Across the Sun by Lucid Delirium

Fly Boy by Jon Lucas

Watch the ceiling by Matteo Malagutti

Palhaços Invadem BH! by Bruno Senna

Blind by Jon Lucas

Barcelona: silhouettes by Ramon Bataller

last stand by r c hill

Antigravity comp by Jon Lucas

don’t take the stairs 01 by Mark Madeo

Wall Running by Mark Madeo

just do it by Adam Piggott

arrowheads by Mark Madeo


Dangers by Lee Casalena

Falling From the Sky by Matt Devino

Parkour Cardiff by James McLaren

Natural High by Steve Collins

UNI HERO (5 of 27) by photomission

UNI HERO (4 of 27) by photomission

Apex Parkour – Boxfresh Shoot by Rob Gillibrand

Cat balance by Matteo Malagutti

L’homme qui tombe à pic by Renaud Sirigu

Photo by Adam Piggott

What Gravity? by Megan Pietersen

Photo by Matthias Haker

Parkour Jumper, Again by Mute

Parkour Practice x 2 by JB London

Jj Goda by Megan Pietersen

MULTI PLUS 5 by Derek Hyamson

Photo by r c hill

Frosti’s Backflip in Lamma by Tyson Cecka

stick to the wall by chriss Ecols

Climb by r c hill

*Parkour*Chicks* by Annelogue

pk_sacto-1150 by Mark Madeo

no right by Mark Madeo

Daniel Ilabaca – climb by Jon Lucas

Leap of Faith by Richard Heathcote

Jump! by Vincenzo Mazza

Flag by r c hill

Daniel Ilabaca by Jon Lucas


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