Oil Paintings Hit Parade

The history of art says that oil painting was invented somewhere in Western Afghanistan around 5th and 9th century; but the popularity of this particular painting technique reached its apogee only by 15th century during the era of Renaissance in art. Remember the mystique smile of a woman, called Mona Lisa, – this masterpiece by Leonardo da Vinci is, perhaps, the most well-know example of oil painting. However, there are thousands of other artworks created using oil paints. Today, many artists choose this technique to create new masterpieces; and the gallery of oil paintings is presented to the readers of Cruzine magazine below.

We have collected here a great variety of oil paintings, featuring diverse range of topics. You will see bright portraits and some cartoon-like illustrations, battle pictures and conceptual compositions; even the notes of caricatures can be found within this mix of saturated colors and distinct brushes. Of course, by applying oil painting filter in Photoshop or similar software one can transform virtually any picture into an oil painting. However, let us agree that only a true and genuine oil painting can become a real chef-d’oeuvre with the authentic feel and look.


Carbon Black ‘In The Flesh’ by JKB Fletcher

paintings I / plywood # 4 mm by Robert Romanowicz

2010 / 2011 Works _ “Mythological” by Fran Recacha

paints by Fran Recacha

Paintings – Kimonos by Stephanie Rew

Oil Painting Illustrations by Gregory Manchess

Paintings by Jonathan Bergeron

Dream Once, Dream Again by Ron Mazellan

paintings with persons (oil/canvas) by Andreas M. Wiese

Metamorphosis abduction Europe by Mirosedina

Illustration Portfolio by Zach Franzen

Paintings by Andreas Krapf

Paintings with cars (oil/canvas) by Andreas M. Wiese


Oil & Pastel by Gary Kelley

Cover Paintings by Aaron Robinson

paintings by Justin Harris

Portraits by Aaron Robinson

“EROS” The paint process by Fran Recacha

digits by justin harris

People by Matteo Mezzetta

Some of my early works by Dima Filippov

Paintings 2008 / 2009 by Lukasz Poslad

The Elm Tree by David Caesar

Willow tree study by David Caesar

Brush Strokes by Said Swayssi

Happy Hardcore by Andrey Chepurko

Ankaris – Oil Painting by Wayne Haag

illustrations by Matt Lane

Paintings by Jérémie Fleury


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