Daily Inspirations no. 151

People can talk about art for hours, being fascinated with its creations and discussing their meanings, or appreciating the talent of artists. Professionals, as well as amateurs and just viewers literary enjoy arguing about the most crucial element, the most valuable thing in art. Well, we all can have various ideas and call that key element by different names: aesthetics, beauty, imagination, creativity, uncommonness, genius, etc. None of the statements will be wrong; however, none will be completely true either. Some may assume that maybe it is the combination of all those notions that makes the complex core of art… We, in our turn, like an idea once suggested by the French artist Georges Braque, saying that “There is only one valuable thing in art: the thing you cannot explain”.


My Eye’s Extension by Chetan Syal

Fuck The Police III by Lina Tesch

I mean nothing to you by Lina Tesch

Toward Heaven by Cathleen Tarawhiti

She Beckons by Cathleen Tarawhiti

Dog by minjos

Relax … by minjos


Super Star by Soonkyu JANG

Kigol by Bruno Santos

SM: We’re the sins’ melody by silveray

SJ by SpaceJelly

3d Arts

This is Going to Hurt by Sang Han

Art and Digital Art

Digital Impressionism by Marta de Andrés

Nua e Crua by Wagner Willian

Paintings of Hourses by Larisa Androshchuk

Elemental by VagabondQAD

FlowersForYou by Angelia61

Little mermaid by Catherine Myosotis

21 de agosto 2010 by vampxda

Wightman 146 by Taro Takizawa

drawing on the stone by Taro Takizawa

Drake by folderol


and now what by Richard Perez

card design for little otsu by gemma correll


Pizza&Love: Sausage by Contrapunto

X-Fit: Test by Bleublancrouge


Hague’s Dance and Music Center by Henning Larsen Architects A/S

X-aperitivo by Steven Ma


FlyNano by Aki Suokas

PC 670 by Stealth Computer




Free Fashion Business Card by andre2886

Download Business card


Creating a fantastic world +++ director’s cut by yasuhiro kobari


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