Live Music Shows – Powerful Energy Exchange

The powerful charge of energy, the mighty blast of emotions, genuine mutual understanding – all these are to describe live music shows. They gather thousands of people at one place – younger and older, male and female, black and white, sociable and introverts, happy and troubled, richer and poorer. And the best part about it is that all of them are always gathered there for purely peaceful reasons. They become one. They start to think and feel similarly. Positively. The power of music and the passion of musicians make the cement, which unites the opposites and settles the differences.

Our today showcase is dedicated to the live music shows. It includes numerous photographs taken during the different concerts. They may be of various music styles; however, it does not matter whether it is a blues, rock, or RAP concert – they share the same incredible load in terms of emotions, expressiveness, and passion. The real masterpieces of this gallery are the images, which were taken not only from the point of view of a fan, but from the stage as well. They give us the opportunity to realize how it feels to be on stage seeing all those hundreds of people and feeling their support, appreciation, and love. Jon Bon Jovi once said that during the concert he feels the exchange of energy with the audience: he gives all his positive emotions to the fans, and then he receives much-much more of them back. And that bouncing bundle of energy is what makes us “as one”. Visit the gallery – you’ll feel it!

Concert sheep by Eric Obedia

Concert by Yevgeniy Sakhno

Frittenbuden Concert by Patryk Glaeser

Jesse Davis in concert by Xavi Cardell

Memory concert by Alex Vinogradoff

Rock by Anton Shaban

Piano guy by Marc S.

THE ROOTS playing in Oslo by 5ive

DJ Premier (from Gangstarr) – Concert Pics by Stefan Lührmann

N.E.R.D. __IMMERSION by 5ive

Subsonica live @ Madrid by Thomas Cristofoletti

Rock and not only roll by Suren Manvelyan


Monsters of Rap – Talib Kweli, Jedi Mind Tricks… by Stefan Lührmann

Berlin Allstarz #13 by Alexander Rentsch

BEASTIE BOYS_A Gala Event by 5ive



URSULA RUCKER (PunktFestivalen) by 5ive


Boom Pam Concert by Leander Lenz

Moriarty à l’Astrolabe by Graphistolage David

2008 Concert Photography by Toni François


Deftones by 5ive

Montgomery à l’Astrolabe by Graphistolage David

Black Gandhi Concert by Leander Lenz

LIVEPIX_Infectious Grooves_Suicidal Tendencies by 5ive

PIT by Rob Branigan


Black Forest Disco Art Project concert by Savina Mokreva

FORK! by Fartein Rudjord

Cypress Hill @ Milk by Alexander Zorilov

BJØRN BERGE (Part2) by 5ive

Music by Sam Scholes

2009 Concert Photography by Toni François

Molotow – jack lives here by Markus Alexander Voigt

Tarantulas & Tarantinos by Andre Peniche

More than feeling by Andre Peniche

More than feeling by Faithless


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