Daily Inspirations no. 150

There is no time to feel bad in spring. In fact, this season itself can even treat some minor conditions, as for example, moodiness and blues. The beauty of the awakening nature and the art of life (that is right, we can positively state that life is nothing but the form of art invented by some artist of genius) are also the powerful ways to get rid of some unhealthy symptoms. It would be fair to say that Cruzine magazine has its own methods of treatment of minor seasonal depression, anxiety, obsessions, phobias, and also such delicate condition as a broken heart. We usually prescribe the daily courses of such natural therapies as photography, illustrations, digital and 3D arts, architecture and advertising challenges, typography and technology treatments. Our motto can be “Curing with Inspiration!” and the most important benefits of our treatment methods are raising of the spirits, boosting the energy and vitality, and the increase of creative powers. Oh, and by the way, these treatments have no side effects!


Rachael Grasso & Jessica Moloney by Zac Steinic

Photo by Richard Bernardin

Photo by Sarah Lee

Photo by SAM LIM

Photo by SAM LIM

Meduse / Jellyfishes by Mario Pasqualini

SPLASH !!! by Mario Pasqualini

Zeichen der Zeit by Nils Eisfeld


A date with Destiny by Lior Arditi

The Night Carrier by Alexey Egorov

Hay algo magico en este lugar by Jorsh Pena

We Can Work it Out by Richard Perez

Wandy by vectatory

3d Arts

Cat with Mouse by Andy Runyon

Cartoon Batman by Jonamar Palejo

Art and Digital Art

Artwork by Aida Sabic

Photomanipulation by Michael Vincent Manalo

Artwork by Sergey Cherkasov

The Dark Knight by Sergey Cherkasov

Violet’s_Way_LOW by Sergey Cherkasov


Personal Typography #4 by Jamie Smith

Personal Typography .2 by Jamie Smith

Cutout logo by Kenneth Jansson


Columbia: Tree by Prolam Y&R

Paladar Gastronomy Festival: Exchange 2 by Mohallem/Artplan

Pizza&Love: Tomato by Contrapunto


Multi-Storey Building by Kois Associated Architects

Art Nouveau Inspired Side Tables by Daniel Widrig


Echo by Kyocera

KEV2 electric vehicle concept by Ssangyong




Social Icons hand drawned by Andrés Antonio

Download Icons


The Mountain by Terje Sorgjerd


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