Secret Inhabitants of the Depth

Secret Inhabitants of the Depth

Ocean is, perhaps, the only space, which still keeps many of its secret out of the reach of people. Driven by urge for the new discoveries and inspired by the spirit of adventure, humans have already reached the remote locations of all the continents, have conquered the highest mountain peaks, and even peeped into the outer space, but the world ocean still remains unexplored in its largest part. Of course, living creatures, which inhabit the deepest seas and oceans of our planet, are cloaked in mystery, myths, and legends.

The deep sea animals, the pictures of which we have gathered in this gallery at Cruzine, are capable of destroying any traditional stereotype of how fish or a living organism in general can look like. These animals agitate the imagination with unusual, even seemingly unnatural, glowing color transitions, diversity of shapes and sizes. These creatures live so deep in the ocean, that even sun light cannot reach those depths. So, it is not a big surprise that humans cannot yet fully explore this, perhaps, last bastion of the wild nature. However, thanks to the advancements in technologies, we now have apparatuses, which help us catch a glimpse of the deep sea life. Some of the most impressive portraits of the ocean animals are right here for your attention.

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