Modern Pictograms – Fruits of Millenniums of Evolution

Pictograms were among the earliest forms of visual art, practiced by humans thousands of years ago, much earlier than writing and traditional painting techniques appeared. At that time small images on the stones or wooden panels carried sacral meaning. For the previous decades after introduction of computers and world wide web the art of pictograms changed greatly and gave the beginning to multiple associated graphical designing trends, such as icons developing, web smileys, navigation signs, etc. However, the primary nature of pictograms, whatever you call them today, remains the same – to convey the meaning through simplified yet easily recognizable graphical representation of the physical object.

From traffic signs to informative signs in the nearest supermarket – you can hardly spend a day without noticing and making use of at least one example of the pictogram. Even taking your TV set remote control into your hand, you see many of them. Furthermore, once you open your browser and start surfing the web – the pictograms are scattered in abundance all around the virtual world of WWW. Some of the them are instructive and informative, others – warning, and some are just pure masterpieces of art and evidences of fathomless human imagination, healthy (ok, sometimes doubtful;) sense of humor, and inexhaustible wit of pictogram creators. We have a handful of interesting pictograms, representing the modern stage of this particular form of graphics, below in the gallery. Enjoy and have fun!

Vector Pictograms by Natalie Sklobovskaya

Pictograms by Jason Hill

Pictograms by Fontfabric

Open Your Eyes by Jason Hill

ICON by Tereza Cenic

TraveloMed CI by Redkroft

Pictograms by Prashant Dubey

Atabey Petro-Rican Picto-Graphs by Manuel Olmo-Rodriguez

Pictogramas by Vicente Calfo

Stanley Kubrick pictogram movie posters by Viktor Hertz

Cover for the collection of fights MMA (fake) by Dima Je

Pictogram illustrations by Viktor Hertz

Nabto – identity / illustration by Bo Virkelyst Jensen

People Pictograms by Stella Schulze

Iberojet’s Pictograms by Sergi Gallent

Heads in my head / Part II by Znids

Pictograms for City Museum of Ljubljana by Maja B. Jancic

Choose your morning after by Ciro Esposito

Farm Pictograms by Rodrigo Guardia

Matchstic Touch-Point Map Pictograms by Kelly Carnes

Pictos tigre by Martin Gonzalez

Designated Routes – ISTD by James George Dunn

Pictograms by Joseph JoyC

Pictograms by Nikola Dragash

Branding by Helena Hennemann

Fargo-Moorhead Community Bicycle Workshop by Jesse Palczewski

Urban Sports | Illustration by Can Burak Bizer

Cadburry Cocoa by Nikos Panos

Pictograms & Icons by Sascha Elmers

The Children Hospital Wayfinding System by Kasia Kaczmarek

Pictograms by Sergey Punchev


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