Daily Inspirations no. 148

It happens sometimes that we want to at least peep into our future to discover what is waiting for us there. And although we are said to be the masters of our own lives, unfortunately we cannot always do what we want. Nevertheless, we start looking for the means to satisfy our curiosity about the future, and don’t be surprised to learn that Cruzine may be one of those means that can help you take a look into your nearest future. Our daily set of 33 images contains a powerful charge of inspiration, and if you look through the works of creative artists, you may definitely acquire an idea what you are going to do next in your life. Even if you are not an artist, and you are neither going to take professional photos nor generate advertising ideas, your future activity may still share the same passion, emotionality, extraordinariness, positive thinking and creativity with these inspirational images.


PinUp Editorial by Gavin Bond


Megan Fox by Mariano Vivanco

Physical by Mert & Marcus

Eniko Mihalik by Mario Sorrenti

Photo by Aaron Nace

Photo by Aaron Nace

Photo by Elisabeth Molin

Photo by Marc Lagrange


Departure by Lior Arditi

Brainstorm by Alexey Egorov

Metal guitarist by Wouter Tulp

50 Cent by Torren Thomas

3d Arts

The Alien Interview by Luis Antonio

Bird blue by yinxuan Li Dezarmenien

SHEro V2 by Warner McGee

Hellboy (beauty shot) by Anatoliy Sidorov

Art and Digital Art

Streams in the Desert. Isaiah 35:6. Christian Abstract Art by Mark Lawrence

Mineral by Eibatova Karina

From the forest by Eibatova Karina


Top 10 by dmetzky

Typography Embroidery Illustration by Rosie Geissler

Typography Workshop _ A-Z Alphabet by eyemagazine


Ariel Liquitabs: Scared stain by unknown

Black&Decker bullseye by MacCann Erickson

The Economist: Brain by Ogilvy & Mather


E2volution by Team Arup

Maribor Museum by David Tajchman


LF-Gh Hybrid by Lexus

ISEGS, the world’s largest solar power tower by Google


Paper Mode


Starry textures x SUPERPACK by Alice

Download Textures


Lilly Donaldson – Flying Hair by Mutant Jukebox


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