Modern Architecture – Citius, Altius, Fortius!

Indeed, the motto of the Olympic Games, which is translated into English as “Faster, Higher, Stronger”, can fit pretty nicely the modern architecture, which generates the most audacious ideas and immediately realizes them, creating stronger constructions, higher buildings and doing all that much faster than ever before. Whether it is an impressive skyscraper in glass and concrete, or a magnificent steel tower, or a bridge – the monuments of modern architecture earned their worldwide popularity and fame thanks to their technical advancements, unusual yet excellent design, and skillful, obviously artistic, implementation.

Architecture has always pursued two major objects – to make buildings a) functional and b) aesthetically attractive. These core standards still remain in use in modern architecture. Of course, functionality of buildings as well as aesthetics change and evolve constantly, but real masterpieces never lose their attractiveness and value. Have a look at the Pentagon building, and you will see the emblem of the American power and mightiness through it. On the other hand, even a single glance at the Eifel Tower is enough to recreate the atmosphere of French romance. Buildings, we have gathered in this gallery, are no doubt known worldwide. These architectural masterpieces form the cultural heritage our generations will pass on to our successors. Have a look at these magnificent creations – they are worthy of being proud of, aren’t they?

Empire State Building HDR by David Cornejo

Brooklyn Bridge by Andreas Adelmann

Golden Gate Bridge – San Francisco by Mike Goldberg

Alcatraz by Alexandre Siufy

This is the Pentagon! by larry wfu

Madison Square Garden by Matt Luce

Atomium in Brussels by Gilderic

Gateway Arch St Louis Missouri by Keith Emmerich

Chernobyl Sarcofag by gerainchick2

Estádio do Maracanâ Rio de Janeiro Brasil by o.dirce

World Trade Center by David Thompson

The Sears Tower by Tony Shi.

San Francisco Transamerica Building by Ed Puskas

Ostankino TV tower, Moscow by Paul K.

CN Tower in Toronto,Canada by Bastian Groove

Sydney Opera House by John Dalkin

The Gherkin / London / England by Ilias o.

London City Hall by Philipp Klinger

London Eye by Trey Ratcliff

Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur by carsem00

La Défense Arch in Paris by Sylvain Latouche

Jin Mao Tower and Shanghai World Financial Center in Shanghai by Markus Bahlmann

Pearl tower in Shanghai by Franck GIRAL

Burj Al Arab by Franck GIRAL

The Giant: Burj Dubai / Burj Chalifa (828 m !) by Werner Schnell

Taipei 101 Skyscraper, Taiwan by Yueh-Hua Lee

Walt Disney Concert Hall by Enzo Figueres

Space Needle, Seattle by Brian Burt

North Korea – Ryugyong hotel by Roman Harak

Greenland Financial Center, Nanjing by Andrew Wee

International Finance Centre, Hong Kong by Kevin Lau

Lippo Centre, Hong Kong by Kevin Lau

Chrysler Building, New York by Norma Desmond

CCTV, Beijing by Chas Pope

Beijing National Stadium “Bird’s Nest” by Montenegro Luis

Hotel Ukraina, Moscow by Michael.DK

Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, Valencia by Juanma Alvarez

Sydney Harbour Bridge by wellingtonwidebrow


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