Desert Life – Mirages or Reality

Desert life… Yes, no matter how ironically or impossible it may sound – there is life in deserts. Furthermore, the diversity of desert life may impress, astonish and inspire – and all at the same time. Deserts may seem dead for people who have never seen them before, but it is only an optic illusion. Once you tune your vision, a desert will show you an amazing world: interesting, very special, and, definitely, full of life. Of course, desert life differs from that of a crowded city, rainforest, or savannah – it is silent, slow, calm, secret, almost invisible, and often shocking, but still it does exist. Even the desert itself lives, increasing its dominion meter by meter…

We have spent hours searching for photographs, which could represent desert life “as is” so to say. Now we welcome you to enjoy the pictures of the desert life showcase. All the pictures were made by different artists and photographs, but it seems that all of them wanted to achieve one and the same purpose – to draw people’s attention towards deserts as a part of our Universe and to stimulate interest to the life, which exists in deserts. After all, there are people, living in deserts; they are part of the Mankind, and though they live pretty independent and self-sufficient lives, sometimes those people do need the attention as well as a helping hand from the rest of the human kind…

Deadvlei by Oleg Domalega

Desert Ways by Sorin Rechitan

Desert creatures I by Pavel Vorobiev

Desert creatures II by Pavel Vorobiev

Desert by Ruslan Elquest

Thar desert by Roberto Nencini

Walking though the desert by Thomas König

Life in Desert by Vyacheslav Cherkasskiy

Boy in desert by Yury Milov

Lut Desert, Iran 2 by r4m 1r3z

Lut Desert, Iran 1 by r4m 1r3z

Desert by Mehdi Rizvandi

Desert Life by L M van Zyl

Children of the desert. by Evgeny Pavlenko

Judean Desert by Michael Bronza

Wadi Ram by Youlia Boulanitcheva

Desert tears by Nima Malek

Red Desert by Mehdi Rizvandi

Desert games by Zarifa Huseynova

Eastern Desert by Pavel Kuzmin

Above Africa by Jakob Wagner

Desert by Ken Hermann

MAGIC TREES by Leandro Sanchez by Ken Hermann

Afghanistan by Szymon Karkowski

The Desert by Mark Sherratt

Mexico bronco by Piotr Kropotkin

Quick Portfolio by Micah Albert

Morocco by Thomas Cristofoletti

Western Sahara by Drew Echberg

Wasteland by Kurt Heuvens

But where are all the people? by Marcus Bastel

DESERT ARPEGGIOS by Dhiren Babaria

Black Desert by Navid Baraty


Dubai Desert Dunes by Sherif Elbouhy

Maroc (Quickly) Color by Nicola Di Marco

Mojave Desert/Death Valley by Kelly Rae Daugherty

Storms by Ximena Etchart

Utah – Canyon Lands. by Gareth King

Sahara by Hieronymus Evers

Mungo by Rikki-Paul Bunder

Red Rock by CJ Foeckler

Valley of Fire / Red Rocks by Joel LeVan

The White Sands by Süveg Áron

OMAN by Miguel Albrecht

Merzouga Sahara Desert by Clare – Frances Cassells


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