Daily Inspirations no. 146

Before the beginning of era of computers with their powerful computing capabilities and multiple means for sound and graphics processing, artists mostly used traditional materials to create their masterpieces: ink, chalk, oils, and natural pigments. Computers offered artists an absolutely new way to create pictures – using computer tools only or combining traditional painting techniques with digital processing, modern artists can create amazing pictures, surprising the audience with incredible mix of colors and fantastic visual effects. In such cases, where visual art traditions meet technological innovations, we talk about the digital art. There are many examples of modern digital art in the following gallery – pay your attention to the works by Ruben Ireland, Ian Francis, Nady Gepp and you’ll definitely grasp the meaning of digital art.


Eniko Mihalik by Richard Bush

Photo by Marc Lagrange

Photo by Aaron Nace

Photo by Aaron Nace

Photo by Zorik Istomin

Photo by Robert Clark

Photo by Robert Clark

Photo by Robert Clark

Photo by Masha Sardari


Artwork by Apofiss

The ghost hunter by Lior Arditi

Going Home by Alexey Egorov

Hakeem by Sanjana Baijnath

Vikingo by Luis Arizaga Rico

3d Arts

Family by Oleksandr Masliukivskyi

La princesa y el elefante by Gustavo Stenta

Ronaldo Fenômeno by Bruno Hamzagic de Carvalho

Art and Digital Art

Artwork by Ruben Ireland

Fireland Exhibition by Ian Francis

Artwork by Nady Gepp


More Blood Please by Andreas Leonidou

Im cheap by Andreas Leonidou

Eux c’est bien, nous c’est mieux by Anthony MARTIN


Aigle: Elephant by EURO RSCG

Corona Beer: Your sister by JWT

Fiat Stilo: Racing USA by Leo Burnett


Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Hong Kong by Kohn Pedersen Fox

Kitchen Inspired by TRON: Legacy by AquiliAlberg


Falcon Heavy rocket by SpaceX

Blue2 fuel cell electric vehicle by Hyundai


Spire In Me


Textures – Wood by onecoldcanadian

Download Textures


LUMI – Short film by TMK3D


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