Contrasting Backgrounds for Noble Logos

Contrasting logos with white or bright-colored images against dark backgrounds create the atmosphere of nobleness, fine art, specific charm, and refinement. Black suites, black limousines – modern society choose black color to represent the high social status, advancement, power, and mightiness. Similarly, the same trends can be observed in logo design as well. Strong contrast between a dark color filled background and light center piece of a logo makes the latter look decent and imposing. Of course, it is not only the black color that can create an impressive contrast – modern logo designers successfully use dark olive, deep blue, brown, and multiple other dark colors to create strong contrasting backgrounds for modern logo designs.

Safari Bar by Jonas Harris

Ocean Life by Jonas Harris

Frieda’s vines by Simon™

Dance Police by JRF

mimo by contrast8

Inglewood by Simon™

Casa dei Curiosi by Bitencourt

HUMA by nitish.b

Liwan. by GR82

ROSTOVSAD by Sergey Babenko

Thunder Arts by – Yoon -

Caramel Restaurant & Bar by David Airey

Copenhagen Wolves Gaming by Matt Kauzlarich

Juice Time Juice Bar V5 by Richard Baird

Buben travel by badovsky

Worq by Type08

nomade by cresk

Iconik by Type08

iTea HOUSE by design studio

Activa by joec

DARKROOM by urtd

Ayasdi by Sean Heisler

inveni v2 by lalohead

Queen’s Glass by andreiu

Golden Goal by Snowkai

Rubloff by Mike Erickson

Plexus Puzzles by Bitencourt

Voodoo Monkey by jgarnerdesign

Jaguar Pale Ale by Andrew Rose

hoo by Wizemark

Lyric by cerise

Galaxy Garden by strangeideas

uniwa by !mude

Rocketon by chrisrojo

Browsera by Rokac

Raffles Cafe and Bar by BigAl67

Logohype by arpad

z.igro by choerte

Ogun steels by choerte

Lionstone by choerte

solarswipe by Fogra

jmc crown by Fogra

match by Oronoz ®

BOGANI by Mike Erickson

Chart Monster by Jerron Ames

WP Monogram V2 by Mike Erickson

Otis by cerise

gonorth by crislabno

La Vita 4 by Gafyn

eQuest by LoGoBoom

Angelbox by KonradK

OYA energy by designabot

iDream Images by Siah-Design

Rocket Radio by Pavel Pavlov

Unay outdoor by tokostyler

nosey by Mike Erickson

Wrapture by NEXQUNYX

Sidewinder by Mike Erickson

zuzu by nido

color by flobar

Jolo by Neil McDonald


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