Daily Inspirations no. 144

Looking through and selecting different visual materials for Cruzine daily inspirational sets, we often think about aesthetics and the diversity of multiple forms it can appear at. One of the conclusions we made for ourselves is that today there is no, and, obviously, there cannot be a single standardized or canonical aesthetics. The world is diverse, the life itself is diverse, and so is the art… That is the reason why photographers and digital artists choose to depict not only pure beauty in its classical understanding, but they also often choose to show us the uncovered and undecorated realityshabby houses, dead trees, or city slums. And that is not to give rise to some negative feelings in the audience, but just to show things “as is”; because aesthetics is not only about beauty, it is also about truth as well.


Photo by Zorik Istomin

.City. by Michal Giedrojc

Liquids by Rich Hendry

The Grandeur Of Trees by Ronald Breeze

Flower by Ken Hermann

The new world. by Sacha Heron

TheArchive 2007-2008 by Tor Dahlin

Mass Destructions by Soon Tong

Magnetic fields by Kyriakos


The Wellnutz by Lior Arditi

Tomorrow comes today – new painting ( triptych) by Astro One

Starwing Remixed by Astro One

We’re a happy family! by Loulou and Tummie

3d Arts


Art and Digital Art

Self Portrait by Austin Power

Air : Hommage by Christoph Ruprecht

Paintings 2 by Yuta Onoda

Collage by Iain Macarthur

Cityscapes / Architecture (oil/canvas) by Andreas M. Wiese

Noire by Alexis Marcou


YEAH! by Sergey Isaev

Pópula Magazine by Julian Gonzalez

Wolf Zombies by Mari Mihai


Prolong: More Time for your fantiasies by DDB

Street Fashion Skate Shoes: Do the Trick, DC by Ampla

Pringle of Scotland: Mountain by fischerAppelt


New Project in Madrid by A-Cero

Villa Roxie in Miami by BNO Design


55ZL1 HDTV powered by a new CEVO-ENGINE by Toshiba

M5 F10 concept by BMW


Let’s Swap


Dark textures by awesomestyle

Download Textures


Old Fangs by Adrien Merigeau


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