Daily Inspirations no. 143

Our spirits in this season of the year can be as changeable as the spring weather – the sun has just been shining brightly, and all of a sudden it is hidden by the clouds; the air has been standing still, and now the wind is blowing… So changeable everything is in this world! So are the ladies, represented in various hipostasises on the photographs of our today daily inspirational set. Similarly, so versatile are the interesting conceptual artworks in our illustrations, arts, and digital arts sections. The typography designs we offer you today are interesting not only from the point of view of typography itself – they are also expressed by the words of wisdom. Some of the advertizing ideas feature minimalistic approach, and the technological developments are really zestful and unexpected.


Photo by Marco Glaviano

Photo by Zorik Istomin

Liquid by Soon Tong

Sugar Babe by Soon Tong

B&W by Andrey & Lili


Demonlord by Andreas Adamek

Tower by Andreas Adamek

Battle by Viktor Titov

Repository treasure by Fahrija Velic

Flat world by Lior Arditi

The Circus by Lior Arditi

Fantasy Helsinki station by Ray Wang

3d Arts

The Orc by John Geyang

Soulty Urban Toy by Soulty 666

Jump by yellow men

Art and Digital Art

8 by Dopludo Collective

Recent Excursions by Russ Mills

Retro Cosmic by James White


Make Ideas Happen by Christina Connelly

knhbtz by Mitya Bushuev

Tyler Durden by Reza Tari

The Voice of Energy by Piotr Buczkowski

Retro Cosmic by James White


BMW Motorrad: Get on! 2 by serviceplan campaign 1

ESPN HD: You won’t miss a thing, Football by Grey

MADD: Last Round by Über


Batman-Inspired Motel Room in Taiwan by Curbed

Watson Table by designboom


DAB by Sony

FinePix Z900EXR by Fujifilm


ISO50 Blog


05 Large Paper Grunge Textures by omnigenus

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Incendium by Danny Cooke


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