Daily Inspirations no. 142

Have you ever heard about the Wow factor? It is actually about something, capable to impress one so deeply that he says “Wow!” and his jaw drops immediately. For example, you are getting into a taxi and see that the cab driver is Brad Pitt or Jessica Alba (depending on your preferences) – you say “Wow”, and that is what people call a Wow factor. However, we are here to talk about the Wow factor in art. Actually, visual or graphic design in its multiple incarnations through photography, illustrations, digital painting, cool advertising concepts, graffiti design, etc., is a very powerful generator of the Wow factor effect. Look at the stunning photograph of the panoramic tree or at the illustration of the sexy British patriotic girl, or at the Chevrolet Mi-ray roadster concept below and you’ll understand clearly what Wow factor means…


Panoramic trees by valentin

Photo by Zorik Istomin

Photo by Marco Glaviano

Photo by Eric Lafforgue


All in one by Algendy Mohammed

Recent Illustrations by Harry Nesbitt

GU-DOO TRIBE by Teparit Chaiyajan

The magic potion by Teparit Chaiyajan

Down by C. Way

Infinite Universe by Maximenko Pavlo

Willow Wagon by Andy Fairhurst

Invader by Alen Domazet

3d Arts

Gremlin by Alex Stratulat

King of Flow by Mohamed Abuyhia

Hellboy by art

Larva by Kamil Kuklo

Zap by Chris Walker

Art and Digital Art

Artwork by Lauren K. Cannon

Barcelona – color & collage by Mario Corea Aiello


Playboy School by Kenji Enos

Letterpress Poster by Andrew Helms

Binary type by María José Torrero Heredia

It’s great when stuff melts by Angela R. C. Schrøder


Bodyguard mosquito repellent: Dinner by FP7/RUH

Aparecida Jewellery: Small box by Solution Comunicação

Avia Motor Oil: Play by Serviceplan


TABBED Collection by Scott, Rich & Victoria

Open Box House by A-cero


iPhone Pinball Magic by New Potato

Mi-ray roadster concept by Chevrolet




CHAOTIC textures by caotiicah

Download Textures


A Tiny Day in the Jackson Hole Backcountry by Tristan Greszko


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