Perfume Packaging – The Visual Image of Odor

Believe it or not, but many women feel reluctant to throw away empty perfume bottles. “Nonsense!” some will say. Nope, it’s true. The vast majority of them look so beautiful! No wonder, since perfume bottles and their packaging are usually developed as precisely and thoroughly as the perfumes themselves. Multiple talented designers work on creating the exclusive packaging for perfume, because it is in fact not just the glass bottles and hard paper they have to make – they are going to represent us the visual image of the odor inside. In many cases we subconsciously, not even realizing it, choose the perfume taking into account the looks of a vessel and a box it is packaged in. If it wasn’t true, they would not look practically as real art masterpieces!

To give a substantial proof to the stated above, we have created a showcase featuring various designs of perfume bottles (both for men and women) and their entire advertizing projects, which ensure the potential customers will discover and decide to purchase the offered products. They are so colorful, shiny, eye-catching, beautiful, and tempting. No wonder if you can smell the pleasant odor already!

Scent Stories by Ah&Oh Studio

Tales of Skin by Ah&Oh Studio

Couple Fragrance Box by Visualizers

3D Eau de Parfum – Visualisation by Tim Cooper

Amanda Lepore Perfume by SavageCorp.


Dior by Jordan Maire

Minuit Privé by Catia Caeiro

Amazonia Natural Package by Rodrigo Ventura

Hugo Boss by Heather Chachaty

Petra Perfume Design by Jesse Lutz

PRADA PARFUMS by Vertigo Graphix

ELISEE Perfume Bottle by Klaus Rosburg

Davidoff – Perfume Bottle by Cyrille Charier

Bspot Fragrance by Sara Vienna

Gaia by Melinda Udvardy

il DIVO by Marcial Ahsayane

Work OPEN D – Dolce&Gabanna coffret Trilogy by PEGERE Alicia

Packaging 2010 by Gal-la Termes

Empaque Perfume by Gloria Lopez

Perfum packaging design Lux Hostel by FCdesign

Natural by Marcial Ahsayane

Cuarzo Signature by Gal-la Termes

Pura Vida perfume bottle & packaging by Julie Rado

Parfum by Sara

Work OPEN D – Dolce&Gabanna Pouch by PEGERE Alicia

Perfumes by Ilya Limberg

Spreng Ben by Ilya Limberg

Davidoff Cool Water Cologne Bottle Ad Tutorial Shot by Chris Nuzzaco

Wish by Levente B

Bokeh Rain by Levente B

Water No 5 by Christian Metzler


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