Daily Inspirations no. 141

Advertising is said to be the major moving force of economy today; but what is advertising if not a brilliant combination of visual images and textual message? Thus, advertising has many similarities with the visual design art, including its constituents, such as photography, digital illustration, typography, etc. Among the inspirational works, included in the today’s collection, you will find several samples of advertising projects, where different forms of visual design were employed. Also, we will show you each of those visual arts separately: landscape photography and exceptionally interesting dust photography by Thomas Edwards, cartoon illustrations, digital painting, typography art, etc. As always, a new set of free textures for your designing achievements as well as some new inspiring samples of the industrial design and architectural solutions are also here.


Marielle – PIG Magazine by Nadia Moro

MATERIAL GIRL by Andrey & Lili

Bodies by Hugh Hamilton

Aqua by Carsten Witte

BALLY by Boris Bencic

Photo by Simon Procter

Photo by Anna Bezrukova

Photo by Eric Lafforgue

Photo by Marco Glaviano

Photo by Zorik Istomin


The champion by Saeed Jalabi

Scuzzback Scrapper : Magic:The Gathering , Shadowmoor set by Scott Altmann

The Cat’s Lady by Xavier Collette

Cheers Mates! by Dor Shamir

3d Arts

Johny Gogo by Carlos Gonzalez Villagomez

Guardian by Balázs Pápay

Lego attack in Miami by Jeremie Rousseau

Home Movies by Eric Beck

Art and Digital Art

Artwork by Lauren K. Cannon

Numbersman by Tariq Shishani


Akimoto in use by Ossi Gustafsson

Typeface: Curb Desire by KalleGraphics

Baetulona – El Color Torna by Rodrigo Francisco


Mitsubishi Motors: Lion by Africa

Other Images: Snake by JWT

Surfrider Foundation: Fossil, Bag by Young & Rubicam


White O Residence by Toyo Ito & Associates

Contemporary SPA Design by Hirsch Bedner Associates


The flying wing by ATTAS

Mini Microscope for iPhone by Firebox




Smoke Textures by daughterofsnape

Download Textures


Alimta by Taylor James


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