Smiling – Be Careful, It’s Contagious!

As scientists say, there are about 19 different types of smiles… In other words, people smile in different way depending on the particular situation; for example, a smile can be polite, happy, understanding, lenient, etc. Let’s try to check this theory. Have a look at the pictures below and try to distinguish different types of smiles, captured by photographers… Honestly speaking, while compiling this gallery we could not define the particular type of every smile. The only decision we made is that all these smiles are real, not fake. Sincerity, expressed by human lips and enforced by eyes, is impossible to falsify. By the way, it is also a scientific fact that people have the ability to distinguish between real and false smiles intuitively.

Indeed, the phenomenon of smiling should be added to the list of the greatest miracles of the world. Smile is one of the things we are born with – we do not learn to smile, like we do with speaking or walking. Smiling makes a human feel happier because of the release of endorphins and healthier because of stress relief. Actually, there are many benefits of smiling – statistics says that smiling people get better salaries, and a smile makes a woman more attractive than makeup does. The only concern to keep in mind is that smiling is very contagious and it is, definitely, another proved scientific fact. However, smile is the only infection we are all happy to be infected with, aren’t we? So, open your eyes, breathe deeply, and watch the pictures below – by the end of the page you’ll be infected with smiling. Tested and guaranteed!

Angle Eye by One-D Usoft

Febrary by Maxim Maxim

Smile by Evgeniy Sizon

Smile by WooDoo

Smile by Marino Brkljača

Smile by Yuriy Mashkov

Smile by Valeria Nechaeva

Smiles by Marina Nozyer

smilesmilesmile by Laura Williams

Smile by Yuriy Mashkov

Smile by Andrey Nastasenko

Smile! by Anastasia Zamyatina

*** by Elena Lukjanova

Full smile by Rustom Villamor

Smile by Konstantin Gribov

BIG GIRLS don’t cry by Ana Dias

PORTRAITS by Steve Hathaway

All the kids are dancing in the sun. by Evelien Chiau

Innocent Smile! by Satyaki Ghosh

The Beautiful People by Uryelle Dimailig

Mr. Smiley by Charles-Etienne Pascal

Vanuatu Smile by Cameron Cope

Brianna by Uryelle Dimailig

Júlia by Paulo Accioly

SMILE! by Govinda Rumi

Smile by Kirill Kishchuk

Smiles Behind the Shadows by Paul Quiambao

Shadow Of Her Smile by gunnisal

Just A Smile by Kevin Ng

Kid`s :-) by Robert

Charming old lady by Robert

Smile by Robert

Unconditional love by Thomas Ljungberg

Borana tribe girl Ethiopia by Eric Lafforgue

Life with the new 5D Mark II is all smiles by Hoa Quach

Shy hamar girl Ethiopia by Eric Lafforgue

PAIN… by Azli Jamil

Poetry in the Streets of Poverty // Film by J.T. Noriega

When Mary Met Audrey by J.T. Noriega

Bliss 4 by For Ashlee

DSC_0250 by Nasir Ali

I can fly! by Rodrigo Alvarez-Icaza Visualizations! Thank you! by Mattia

The Happy Man & The Black Liquid by Hamad Darwish

Ridere fa belli by Matthias Jiury

Adorable :~) by Paula Anddrade


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