Daily Inspirations no. 140

Sad but true that multiple geniuses of creative arts find it easier to work and create real masterpieces if doomed and depressed. Cruzine team would do whatever it takes to make these things change. That’s exactly the reason why we work hard every single day to compile the inspirational sets of images for the artists to be able to meet their Muses while keeping their spirits high and positive. The world is in constant progress, and we sincerely hope, we would like to believe that it’s now time to leave such means of inspiration as depression in the past and utilize newer techniques and methods, as experience, pleasure, and happiness to make art. So just be happy and you’ll be inspired with no need to burn out not to fade away.


Earth by Navid Baraty

Dust by Thomas Edwards

Doll, Dull, Old by Antonia Yordanova

Night Light by Stefan Giftthaler

Color Berlin 3 by Matthias Heiderich

Dracula Contest part II by Luciano Consolini

Episode Finale Dance by bj richeille

Burned by Thomas Cristofoletti

Telefoni Bianchi by Diver & Aguilar


Binazorous Territory by Saeed Jalabi

Dog face -personal concept by Scott Altmann

The dragon and the magician by Xavier Collette

Yummy! by Dor Shamir

3d Arts

Crazy Zombie by A. Martin Puentes Rivera

Teddy bear by Carlos Gonzalez Villagomez

Mr.Fettuccini by Federico Lorenzo Mattioli

The Little Canucker by Jason Mark

Art and Digital Art

Artwork by Jack Tia Kee Woon

Artwork by Lauren K. Cannon

Girl Without a Pearl Earring by Bob Nolin


Creative ABC by Lilla Tóth

Pale is here by Ossi Gustafsson

Logo collection by KalleGraphics


Pizza & Love: Fight for the Amazonas by Contrapunto

Skoda Yeti: Nature calls, The Forest by Frank

Mitsubishi Motors: Monkey by Africa


Woogloo Table by Juhász Mónika

Unique Bedroom Design by Steve Kuhl


Duo Road by Audi

Naimo Concept by Kia


Outsider Art Gallery


8 Textures: watercolors by Sabine Fischer

Download Textures


Kenton Slash Demon – Daemon by Dark Matters


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