Sexy Logo Designs

Sexuality is important in today’s world and, let’s be honest, it has always been important. Nobody is going to question the truth of this statement. We only want to show you today that sexuality as a particular feature can be possessed not only by Hollywood celebrities and fashion models, but even a graphical logo can a have sexy and hot look. Actually, it is all about the attention of the wide public, and sexy design of a logo just helps to draw people’s attention to a particular product, brand, company, or initiative in a very effective way. Driven by the basic instincts, people will always notice sexy logos, and that is exactly what marketers want logos to do – to attract attention and to be easily recognizable and distinguishable. Look through the collection of sexy logo designs and judge by yourself how much truth there is about all the above said… It’s the first of April, after all :-)

Casa dei Curiosi by Bitencourt

Tango de Tightrope by Double A

Lunch with me by artmns2

Burlesque club by Sergey Babenko

Brunette by Sergey Babenko

Primadonna Luxury Jewels by andreiu

Opera Logo by Randy Heil

Sweet Land by Alan Oronoz

The_MUSE by Snowkai

WEDC by TKhoury

Pinocella by ru_ferret

The One & Only by Wizemark

muse7 (comp1) by muse7

GirlyTech by Mason Roberts

Logo – Lily Bloom by Erwin Bindeman

La Bella by StudioInk

Moustache Sally by Alphabet Arm Design

Poison by VikkiV

Marilips by Brigada Creativa

Bar-B-Cutie by Foster Barker

Orangutana by NURBS

Maui Miss 4 by firestorm888

Spy Girl 3 by firestorm888

Adorable 1 by firestorm888

Sugar Mouse Productions by willhowe

Starsprouts by Suxius

CanaryModels by maximalist

Rosy Beauty Parlour by pratikbagaria

EcoDiva by OcularInk

Melene by milou

Laladie by Taabi

Summeriana by Acanski Petar

Grrlz by paikokgitu

Lipsy by lumo

Allbookerka Creations by epicantus

Ke Fashion by edersaos

Betty Blue by PureFusion

Wine Company by Valery Moiseev

Dirty Nation by emesghali

Irresistible Collection by minor eight

Girls Talkin Smack by vasvari

Lets Get Loud Cheerleading by shaneg

EleMatiss by max409

Pasimo by raaak

Hottie by doncip

Girleaf by dutt


Lady Rose by fixer00

MERMAIDANCE by vasvarip

Sex lovers by Brigada Creativa

Siren by CitCit


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