Daily Inspirations no. 139

Portrait art is the central theme of the photography section of this Friday inspirational showcase at Cruzine. You’ll see the works created by Eric Lafforgue, Simon Procter, Dimitrina Vasileva, Zoltan Huszti, and other talented camera masters. Also, get ready for the thrill of the illustrations, featuring some fantastic creatures. The digital artwork by Federico Bebber may even look a bit shocking, but his technique is, definitely, very interesting and unique. Erotic painting by Dave Palumbo will also find its fans among the Cruzine readers. All in all, our inspirational showcase may look like a spring salad with many different ingredients included, but be assured, all f them are necessary if you want to feel the real taste of the modern art design.


Photo by Eric Lafforgue

Photo by Simon Procter

Polo and fashion in Costa Smeralda by Marco Glaviano

Photo by Giuseppe Circhetta

Photo by Morten Koldby

Photo by Discorat

Photo by Zoltan Huszti

Photo by Dimitrina Vasileva

NYC at Night by Evan Joseph


I`m not done yet by Saeed Jalabi

Devil Dissever by Arnaud de Vallois

Mecha by Francisco Jose Albert Albusac

Hide an Seek by Malgorzata Arska

The flying circus by Olivier Derouetteau

3d Arts

Vranaxxas Updated by Gregory Strangis

Parazit by Stanko Stupar

Little Bunny by Rafael Z Chies

Cat in love by Ehsan Hassani Moghaddam

Art and Digital Art

Artwork by Federico Bebber

Artwork by Dave Palumbo


Ronzio di zanzara by Francesco Muzzi

Pista® Font by Typedepot

Bold is Beautiful by Jeff Finley


Hubba Bubba: Guitar by Gitam BBDO

MorumbiShopping: Drawers by Mood

It Works Fingerprint Security System: Home by SpicyH


Villa Mayana by Enrique Barascout

Medieval Building Turned Into Contemporary Living Space by Anna Noguera


Panamera Turbo S by Porsche

Transparent LCD panel by Samsung


Gol Live!


Large Textures .31-Paper Stock by Alma Skenderi

Download Textures


Woodkid – Iron by WOODKID


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