Typography in the Art or Art in the Typography?

Typography was initially developed to better serve the purpose of improving the visual perception of a printed text and thus delivering textual content to the readers more effectively. The art component has always been present in typography, especially at the dawn of its development. Take a look at any ancient book and you’ll see how artfully every glyph was drawn and how richly the text was decorated. Later with the development of mass printing, font designers concentrated more on the practical characteristics of a text rather than on its artistic values. However, today, with the rapid and active development of digital typography and its popularization among visual designers, typeface creators are again ready to fascinate and impress us with the font designs, which clearly belong to art.

Actually, we should not separate typography from art in general, because typography possesses all the characteristics of art. On one hand, typography is a technology of developing typefaces with its certain rules, notions, and industry standards. On the other hand, typography is pure art and a particular font or a font-focused illustration is a result of an artist’s imagination, creativity, and aesthetic feel. It is important to perceive typography in a broader way, without limiting the concept to just a particular character set, containing graphical signs for a specific alphabet. Typography has many artworks to offer, where color, shape of letters, and backgrounds are combined to produce a certain emotional effect on a viewer. These exactly typography masterpieces are waiting for you below…

No lies just love by Jordan Metcalf

BANK | BOOK COVER by Like Minded Studio

Thank You! by Sarah France

TEMPO galactic triangle version by pro movement

AtoZee – A Childrens Book by Gustavo Brigante

No. by Eric Carl

Extraverage x The KDU by Karoly Kiralyfalvi

The Chosen Few by Like Minded Studio

As the world my eyes see poster by Stayros til Georgakopoulos

Drips by Karoly Kiralyfalvi

BURSA by Engin Korkmaz

HURLEY by Like Minded Studio

When I Grow Up by Lee Huynh

I Love my Denim by Cristian Mantovani

BALKAN by Kliment Kalchev

Fruit of Life. by Abdullah AlHamad

Chile2 by Jaume Osman

Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers by Karoly Kiralyfalvi

Workshop : letraria2 : curitiba by Dado Queiroz

Typography by Shira Adivi

Typowall ♠ Love For Retro Typography by Vector Hugo

Online Interactive Marketing by Gert van Duinen

Saticfaction is the death of desire by Stayros til Georgakopoulos



Folklove by Pawel Janczarek

Panther by Kliment Kalchev

Xylophone jam by Richard Perez

Odyssea 652 by Pablo Alfieri

This is a test. by Sarah Mick

Typography by Fabiano Hikaru Higashi

The Gift v2 by Joseph Wharton

Happy New Year by Petithomme Grégory

Death by Typography by Adam Sheridan

Tears of Hate by mrgraphicsguy

Custom lettering by Robert Fori

Life Is Calling by Sarah Kung

Type art invert by Dogukan Aksu

Dan ger ous by JrDragao

Workaholic by Stefan Chinof

Understand by fabiandelange

Instant by Nik Ainley

TypeMonster by Edno Pereira Jr

Contrast by GunkvM

Life type by Nik Ainley

FONT CURVES by silocult

A Wordy Badge by jmirman


Squeeze da ideas project by Stefan Chinof

DUB.TILL.DAWN by Sander Rietdijk


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