Daily Inspirations no. 138

Spring is often said to bring the new life to the nature: the bare ground acquires a new blanket of young grass shoots, the pointed branches of the trees become fluffy with new leaves; birds return from the hot countries and start singing again… Looks like we also need to be renovated in a way – perhaps, we need some new clothes; maybe we need some new lifestyle; sometimes, we feel like changing our activities; and many of us need the new way of thinking and new fresh ideas. This is where Cruzine can be of great help. We know everything about ideas, we collect them, we pick up the freshest and let them inspire you. Welcome to our today inspirational set of daring and unglossed, fresh and unique images by the modern talented photographers, designers, and artists!


Underwater photography by Alexander Semenov

Underwater photography by Alexander Semenov

Photo by Markus Reugels

Photo by Shai Yehezkel

Photo by Eric Lafforgue

Photo by Simon Procter

Another World by Alexander Semenov

Aerial Portfolio by Cameron Davidson

New stuff by Nick Aitken


Arcade From Hell by Andreas Rocha

The Green Man Awakens by Phil McDarby

Mushroom cave by Qiyin Ma

Angry Samurai by Sylvain Decaux

Dragon by Zuo Chen

3d Arts

Giant 1 by Scott Patton

Oddball by Jeff Patton

Sad Clown by Will Elliott

Art and Digital Art

Pictures With Words On Them, 2010 by David Fullarton

Phantoms of Delight by Liza Corbett

Mythological by Fran Recacha


Zero G Type by Craig Ward

New Letterpress Work by Craig Ward

Some Books by Craig Ward


Glad Cling Wrap: Cake by DDB

WWF Bluefin Tuna overfishing: Panda by Ogilvy

Maire Tecnimont: Strength by M&C Saatchi


ZLTO (Southern Agriculture and Horticulture Organization) in Den Bosch by Concern and de Architekten Cie

M.&Mme by Valentin Loellmann


HondaJet by Honda

PreVue by Melody Shiue


The Mid-Century Modernist


Denim Textures by Melissa Somerville

Download Textures


Pistachios Vital Voices’ ‘Kakenya’ by Blacklist


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