Crucial Moments of the Wild Life

Photographers often look for the inspiration and objects for their pictures in the most unusual and unexpected places. Some of them try to portray the falling water drops; others do their best to photograph flame or fog. There are also many talented photographers, who direct their skills and efforts towards photographing wild nature and some particular moments of its life, such as hunting, resting, or eating… The latter aspect of animal life is depicted on the photographs, displayed in this showcase at Cruzine.

A giraffe, pasturing peacefully in the African savanna; a bird, feeding its nestlings from the beak; or a cheetah, chasing a young antelope – all of them simply follow their basic instincts, though each of such episodes is filled with crucial emotions for a human observer, especially if it is a predator hunting or eating its victim. These photographs undoubtedly represent the skills and talent of photographers, but their most important purpose is to show the complexity and variability of relationships in nature, where the principle of survival is the most important law and motivating force.

Mmmmm, tasty! errr… by bocavermelha-l.b.

Gymnastics a la giraffe by Thomas Retterath

North American River Otter by FreeSpirit5

Crocodile and Fish, part 5 by antonsrkn

Better Than Canned Food by Lori Tingey

Chewing Well Prevents Stomach Woes by Jenny Romney

The circle of life. by Maurizio Contini

Sharing the food….. by Carl Loves Somerset

Humpback Whales Bubble Feeding 100 by Jon Cornforth

Bee Eating a Pear by Mark Plonsky

Horned Viper Eating a Gecko by Guy Haimovitch

Enjoy Your Meal! by Günter Leitenbauer

A series with House Wren (Troglodytes aedon) nestlings by Flávio Cruvinel Brandão

Squirrel Dining In the Snow by Michael Oberman

I can’t believe I ate the whole thing by Feathers McGraw

You Just Lost One by Gilmatic Betances-Center

Osprey Fish Delivery by Stephen Oachs

It’s just a fish, I eat fish! by Michael Skelton

Identity crisis! by Hennie van Heerden

Don’t play with your food… by Megan Lorenz

Uroplatus sikorae – Mossy Leaf-tailed Gecko by Thor Hakonsen

Eating prairie dog 1 by Marieke IJsendoorn-Kuijpers

A Killer Shot by Mark Plonsky

Inaugural Berries by Michael Menefee

Ooo…Don’t Eat My Head by SIJANTO SIJANTO

Dalmatian Pelican and Catch by Paula Graham

A bird with an attitude by Henrik Just

I hate hair in my food ! by Henrik Just

The meal by Csaba Tokolyi

Last seconds by Werner Bollmann

Love Mom by Octavianus Darmawan

Delicate Feeding by Mark Vincent Müller

Alaska. The Catch by Roman Golubenko

Fisher by Elizabeth E

Fisherman by Gorazd Golob

Wildlife by Jenna Richardson


Hidden life of insects by Suren Manvelyan

Golden snub nosed monkey by IN CHERL KIM

Balancing elephant by paraflyer

Food Fight! by Tad Arensmeier

Giraffe by Daniela White

Hoverfly by Rundstedt B. Rovillos

4.19 Jumping Spider … in prey … by Weng Keong Liew

Food Critic by Vesuvianite

Don´t disturb by Rainer Blankermann

… supper time … by Weng Keong Liew

Galapagos Islands-716 by Tristan Brown

O sparrow… by last-stop

Fly Eating Fruit by Mark Plonsky

Bird’s view on pigs by moggierocket

Parental Bliss by Hennie van Heerden

The Reward by Hennie van Heerden


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