T-Shirt Designs That Excite and Inspire

Thinking about T-shirts one will mostly link this element of the modern attire with the youth culture and, consequently, youth fashion. Indeed, thanks to the immense choice of interesting and unique T-shirts designs or specific graphic prints and patterns to be more particular, T-shirts have already become a part of the fashion industry and continue to gain more and more attention from the world-known fashion designers and artists, specializing in clothes design. Actually, from the artistic point of view, a T-shirt is nothing but one of the alternative ways to display different graphic art works. A collection of different T-shirts may look like a real art gallery, where the visual images are presented on the T-shirts instead of the traditional canvases.

People usually choose T-shirts very carefully, because it really matters what is printed on them. A T-shirt should reflect the inner world of a personality; that is why people often choose T-shirt designs, which are related to their personal likes, hobbies, music or political preferences, etc. And modern industry is ready to satisfy literally any demand in T-shirts designs, producing an uncountable number of classical, reserved, humorous, satirical, sexy, aggressive, soothing, grunge, provocative, and other types of designs for T-shirts. Some of them are really creative; so, we have even decided to make a separate showcase at Cruzine and display modern T-shirt designs with a distinct art nature.

L’Enfant Terrible by Rubens Scarelli

Wisli / Kidwear 2010 by Evgeny Kiselev

Kaen Brand by IKS

Threadless Prints by Matheus Lopes

One Eyed Purple People Eater (laFraise Edition) by Jared Nickerson

Tshirt Graphics by Karoly Kiralyfalvi

Tahitibot by Jared Nickerson

Country Club Nouveau by Jared Nickerson

Adios Invierno by Rubens Scarelli

The Course of the Werewolf by Rubens Scarelli

Bad Reputation by Rubens Scarelli

Coeus Clothing 2010 Textile/Logo by Jared Nickerson

Dovde™ by Maria Simova

Your Time Machine Stranded Me… by Jared Nickerson

We Are All Made Of Stars by Rubens Scarelli

Family Force 5 Apparel by Chris Rushing

The Black Panther Party by Rubens Scarelli

Valistika// T-shirt Collection by VALISTIKA

Nike Elemental by Jared Nickerson



Apparel – 2 by Chris Rushing

Let the boobax play by IKS

The Taboo Temper Tantrum by Jared Nickerson

Designs tees by IKS

Calcium Clothing Lineup (client) by Jared Nickerson

Hey! Hello by Jared Nickerson

The Antidote by Jared Nickerson

Attila Szamosi Illustrations 2009 by PEACHBEACH

Lars Wunderlich Illustrations 2009 by PEACHBEACH

T-shirt prints. part1 by zutto

T-shirt prints. part2 by zutto

APPEREL by Adrian Knopik

Vox Populi T-shirt by Rubens Scarelli


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