Daily Inspirations no. 136

Speaking about digital arts, we mostly mean the contemporary art works, created with the help of particular digital equipment or techniques, including but not limited to computer illustrations, photo manipulations, machine-generated images, etc. Such digital art is easy to distinguish among the other creative works because of their unique appearance, highly conceptual content, and unusual forms of presentation. For example, below you will see double exposure portraits, where buildings and trees are skillfully implanted right into a human head. Other digital arts, showcased below, represent digital painting techniques and fancy geometric computer drawing. 3D art is another example of the digital art, which we also included into today’s collection of the inspiring art works. Architecture, photography, typography, and even advertising graphics are also here to demonstrate the diversity of the modern design.


White On White by Jola Skora

Traffic by Victor Romero

Old Fog by Glyn Davies

Punk Is Head by Marcus Hausser

Girl On Cliff by Glen Wexler

Splash Calendar 2011 by Tejal Patni

Cairo Suburbs by Michael Poliza

Houses Of Parliament by Matt Mawson

Bambina A Siena by Edgar Barany

Galloping Zebras by Juan Luis Duran


Flying Machine by Olivier Derouetteau

Museum of planets by Ioan Dumitrescu

The Mole by Carlos Nieto

CityMan happy by Carlos Nieto

Awakening by Marcin Jakubowski

Flyover by Jirka Zraly

3d Arts

Bob-712 by Vincent Guibert

Art and Digital Art

More drawings… by Andreas Preis


Attempts 5. by Cristian Boian


Hard to read typography by Simon Page

Einstein by Alex Macsoda

Wallpaper – Broken by Tariq yosef


Instru Optiikka: Eagle by TBWA\PHS

Bodybuilding.com: Lift life, Again by Drake Cooper

Farmers Insurance: Home Fires by RPA


GT Tower East by ArchitectenConsort

Ravensbourne College by Foreign Office Architects


14-inch USB powered Mobile Monitor by Toshiba

Rolltop concept by Orkin Design


Get Harvest


Anatomical textures by mellowmint

Download Textures


My Inner Secrets – Kers & Rear Wing by AixSponza


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