Daily Inspirations no. 135

Photography has one amazing feature – the pictures may often work like open windows into the new and previously unknown worlds. Photographic images can thus be treated as one of the possible ways to discover and learn the life around us in those its aspects, which lie beyond our reach or beyond the physical capabilities of human organs of sense. Take a look at the impressive photographs of the underwater creatures by Alexander Semenov below and you will see the truth of the aforementioned statement. Within the today’s gallery Cruzine will also acquaint its readers with the stop-motion photography by Stephen Dalton, fashion photography by Simon Procter, and amazing tree-focused photographic sceneries from the Crimea, Ukraine. Now let us enjoy the photography as well as other graphical works, presented in this showcase. The images are silent, but they are not speechless – if you can understand their language, you will be able to perceive the intensity of the emotions and the deep meaning contained in every art work presented.


La Familia by Luis Beltran

Underwater photography by Alexander Semenov

Underwater photography by Alexander Semenov

From different life of the Crimean trees by Yurets

Stop-motion flying wildlife photography by Stephen Dalton

Photo by Markus Reugels

Photo by Shai Yehezkel

Photo by Eric Lafforgue

Photo by Simon Procter


Heartless by Melanie Delon

My Friend by Olivier Derouetteau

Frogs Vs. Storks by Kai Spannuth

Beach base by Ioan Dumitrescu

Cow – McDonalds by Carlos Nieto

Purge: Red Hand by Marcin Jakubowski

Railroad Iron by Sarel Theron

3d Arts

Carrots are finished.. by Riccardo Zema

Monstrorama by Vincent Guibert

Dr jekyll’s malediction by Vincent Guibert

Art and Digital Art

Smoke Art by Mehmet Ozgur


Hard to read typography by Simon Page

Tokyork logo by Áron Jancsó

Random Posters by Alex Macsoda


Pharex Carbocisteine: Lecture by DM9JaymeSyfu

Suvinil: Rio’s Carnaval by No Bullshit

Chupa Chups: Street by TBWA


Al-Shamal Stadium by Unknown

Volumptuous by Edward Johnson


S-Works McLaren Venge by McLaren

SmartBird by Festo


Love Textures


Paper Textures 01 by nighty-stock

Download Textures


Unluck by Yaniv Fridman


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