Landscapes from the Air

Being terrestrial creatures, humans got used to see and perceive the surroundings from the surface of the Planet. Walking or driving the streets, we can see the trees, buildings, yards, and other people around us in relatively great details. However, our vision is limited and we cannot perceive the entire image of the district or town, we live in, other than by looking at the map. Rising up into the sky on board of a plane allows a human to see the world from an absolutely different angle. It is like scaling down the image in Google Earth application – we just omit the smallest details, such as houses or cars, concentrating on the entire image of a particular locality.

Birds’ fly views are always interesting for both photographers to shoot and viewers to look at. This specific type of photography art offers the audience an alternative view on the surroundings, highlighting the grandeur and magnificence of the Nature that created and very artfully placed forests, rivers, mountains, lakes, and other natural formations on the huge canvas of the Planet. Looking at the air landscapes, we can enjoy those natural masterpieces, authored by the Greatest Artist. Indeed, changing the point of observation, we also change the scope of our understanding and perception of the surrounding world. Escape from triviality and entering the higher level of the world perception – this is what air landscape photography is all about.

Summit by Dezign Horizon

Rio de Janeiro by Mauro Risch

Wake Up by Ashley Knight

Winter Aerials by Bernhard Lang

LA from Above by Mesck

Sea of Clouds by Jakob Wagner

Aerial Views by Bernhard Lang

Aerial Construction Photography by Patrick Lynch

D’s Plane by Jonathan Dy

Land & Sea by Rüdiger Nehmzow

Cloud Collection by Rüdiger Nehmzow

Aerial Landscapes by J. Nathaniel Dicke

Aerial Photography by Niall Cotton

Aerial Photography by Patrick Lynch

Aerial Portfolio by Cameron Davidson

Kite Aerial Photography – Luchtfotografie by Rob Doolaard

Aerial Photography by Simon Kirwan

The Aerial San Diego Project by Steve Cherry

Aerial Photography by Marcos Peron


Commercial Work by Randy Vanderveen

Wailua Falls by Andrew Korolis

Vineyard by kregon

Shadows & Lights by Marc Pelissier

Swamp Aerial by bri

The River by :::momoclax:::

Su Torino by bass_nroll

Mont Blanc – Monte Bianco by Paco Cabeza-Lopez

Langit by Farl

Patched by Farl

Monte Fogo – Cabo Verde by Laurent MALBECQ

Cologne Cathedral During WWII by Unknown

Parasols by Klaus Leidorf

Tongariki, Easter Island seen from a Kite at sunrise. by Pierre Lesage

YVR HDR by Evan Leeson

Lions’ Gate Bridge by Evan Leeson

Green bands by Klaus Leidorf

Flock of sheep by Klaus Leidorf

The Emerald City by Marcus Bradbury


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