Art, Where You Do Not Even Expect It…

Do you know the difference between classic old-school art and modern or contemporary art? There are must be many of them, but today we want to illustrate just one, which, we believe, is among the most prominent differences. It is the object, chosen by an artist, to be the model for his creative works. While Victorian Age or Renaissance painters mostly focused on the ideals of beauty, choosing only the aesthetically perfect landscapes and human models to depict on their pictures, modern artists tend to search for their own aesthetics, often in the most unexpected and unusual places and things.

Without scrolling down the page to the selection of today’s photographs, first think about the pipes in general and allow yourself a few seconds to decide how much art, you think, can be in these particular products of the heavy industry. Finding and revealing to the audience different forms of today’s aesthetics – this is, perhaps, one of the most important capabilities of the modern art. Pipes… Who would ever think that pipes themselves can be used as the core point of the picture? What a broad and unusual imagination an artist needs to possess in order to recognize the powerful art component, hidden in a simple bunch of pipes?! That is the secret of the modern art – it does not obey to rules – hence, it is not limited by the fixed borders of the art tradition. Today, art is all about freedom and about the individual world of an artist with his personal, sometimes incomprehensible, unacceptable, repulsive, or even shocking, understanding of art itself…

Double curved by Nils Eisfeld

Hafenbruecke by Frank Friedrichs

Where in the world is Kala by Thanh Nguyen

Pipes1 by Ilya «Illabo»

Pipes by Thomas Wenrich

Singing Ringing Tree by Scott Woolston

Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord by Le Twan Baxter

Through the Eyes of Black and White by Madeline McKain

Macro by Álvaro Martino

Tubes by Leticia Gicovate

Xylem and Phloem by Tom Giebel

Abstract by Guillaume Gendron

Pipe by raaych1

I rode it by purpletwinkie

Diffuse station by Hope Abrams

All Is Quiet Now by Mattijn Franssen

Chromium Cylinders by Bennett Ho

Pipes by Jörg Dickmann

Booster Station by LOlandeseVolante

Sky stained gray by Kara Neely

Peeling Pipes by ~EvidencE~

Pipes by Life in AsiaNZ

Soul of the old ship – Pesuta , Queen Charlotte Islands by Janusz Leszczynski

Herz Jesu Kirche – Munich by Christian Beirle González

Its marvelous what you’ve done with the place by smoothdude

Hugesque… by bratan

Hi-Tech for the People by Raul Pires Coelho

I need a little time by Mal Smart

Two downpipes by Attila Szabo

Pipes by Andrea Mercalli

Rust & Roll by Jeffrey J. Meyers

Pipes by Brian Walter

Pipes to infinity by Ranjith Siji

Pipes by Steve Newton

Pipes by Lars Østreim


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