Cats Logo – from Pussycats to Lions

There is something mystique about cats, isn’t it? These animals, domesticated by humans thousands of years ago, still remain very self-willed and independent, their intellect is obvious, and their behavior is often very rational. They do what they want, go wherever they want, and even when someone pats a cat – that is only because a cat ALLOWS a human to do that. As we have already mentioned cats entered the human life many and many years ago, becoming the symbols of home comfort, coziness, diplomatic loyalty, independence, and ability to come through even the toughest situations unscathed. As the acknowledgement of cats’ role in human culture, logo designers often use the images of cats, both domestic and wild cats-family representatives, such as tigers and lions, in their logo designs. The secret of such logos is very simple – people love cats… And they also love logo designs, featuring all kinds of cats.

AniMeals by Schuster

Krazy Kat Music by Suxius

TigerBall by dado

Albert Wise by Alen “Type08″ Pavlovic

Sketchy Cat Creative by grabbdesigns

Detroit Lions Concept Logo by matthiason

Rescue Logo by Randy Heil

Atlantic Animal Hospital by 903creative

Atlantic Animal Hospital by 903creative

GATOSAPATO by ideoma

Catflower by William © 2009

Gatto Picante by Michael Spitz

Skeezos by ideoma

Cheetah by JoePrince

Curly Cat by fourplus

Cat-A-Job by webmakeover

Productora Ella entró por mi ventana by María Consuelo Ibáñez Lahsen

Lioness by Gal

Scher-khan by Gal

Puma by Gal

LB -Wildcat by leoh bravo

Zoie by Jerron Ames

Imeow by webcore

Ocelots by Brainyguy07

Banjo Cat by Randy Heil

FatCat coffee by gPhoto

XIII by rbesigns

Major by alexmark

Active studio by Van Der Poel design

Failed Lapeer West High School Rebrand by matthiason


The Center for Exit Planning & Succession by AJGagnon

CAT by m1sternoname

Chroma Lion v3 by morecolor

Illuminarty Creatives by almosh82

Hampstead Lions by Draek

LittleLEO (v.3) by 13mu

Tiger 7 by Simon™

Jaguar by filipev

Hypnocat by Bazilio

Catstar by xtraordinar

CAT by vasvarip

Alleycat by sayasuka

Pixlcat by logobox

Cat by Bazilio

Scarycat by Jessica Bellman

LeoToy by SheynStudio

Gatoazul by whyohmee

Chetax by Joel

Zoo market by denka

Nopsu by simak82

Puddy Tat by Design7Studio


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