Daily Inspirations no. 133

Life is a one-way journey, and on our way to the destination point we have to take various routes, pace different roads, and make multiple stops – some of them on business, others – for entertainment. Music, architecture, design, poetry, art – these stops belong to the entertaining ones; however, their role on our way is hard to overestimate. The matter is that these seemingly purely “for fun” stops give us the powerful charge of vital energy and strength; they help us get the positive impulse and inspiration to go on the journey; in the long run, they often define the route we will take in the future. Cruzine may be treated as a huge sign on the roadside, which shows us the way to the next entertaining stop. Our resources can supply a traveler with the immense inspiration and desire to keep on walking his way, because it is full of artful stuff, like photography, illustrations, architecture, digital arts, typography and much more. Cruzine team will do whatever it takes to make your journey pleasant, entertaining and educating at the same time, so that everyone could afterwards sincerely say that he really genuinely enjoyed his way to the destination point, and long parts of the journey were like the trips on the cruise liner rather than walking barefoot on the hot desert sand…


Photo by Alexander Safonov

Portrait of our World by Eric Lafforgue

Photo by Álvaro Villarrubia

Photo by Simon Procter

Photo by Jean Christian Gilbert

Underwater photography by Alexander Semenov

Underwater photography by Alexander Semenov

Photo by Csaba Tökölyi

Photo by Dmitri Markine

Photo by Julien Coquentin


Summer rain by Corrado Ficarelli

Thomas Cocklyn by Sergio Quijada

Tough Guy! YIP YIP YIP by Jesse Winchester Schmidt

Why so serious? by Felipe Moreira Coutinho

3d Arts

JURGERNAUT – The Giant Grunt by Su Yeong Kim

Patience by Lukasz Siudzinski

Drowner by Kamil Kozlowski

Art and Digital Art

Smoke Art by Mehmet Ozgur

Lithium by Borja Fresco Costal

King Hattu by Levent Bozkurt


Sweet Poison – tee design by Rubens Cantuni

Experia – Corporative Identity by Breno Bitencourt

Go Font Ur Self – Just My Type by Luke Lucas


Ray-Ban Rare Print 2010 by David Sossella

Queen Maud University College: Monster by HK Advertising Agency

Mediaset Premium Pay TV: Stadium, 2 by Euro RSCG


Todos Santos Residence by Gracia studio

Baufeld 10 by LOVE Architecture and Urbanism


0.33-inch thin 8.9 Galaxy Tab by Samsung

Cubes by Sifteo


Brooklyn Art Project


Dirty textures by ShedYourSkin

Download Textures


Water ink _ BDDP Unlimited and Solidarités International – UK by BDDP Unlimited


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