Sky Diving – Conquering the Sky

It goes without saying: people have always tried to conquer the sky and after numerous experiments with artificial wings and fancy flying apparatus finally we have managed to make the dream of flying in the sky real. Today, it is not such a big deal for a human to fly. There are many chances to do that. You can get on the plane and travel into any place of the Earth with such speed and at such height that will even make birds jealous. However, it is only sky diving that is capable to make a person feel entirely a risky yet very true experience of flying in the sky.

It is the sky diving that suits best the statement about conquering the sky, because conquering is usually not about sitting in a comfortable Business class seat of a modern plane, sipping Martini and enjoying the view outside the illuminator. Sky diving is absolutely different – it is a real and ultimate challenge to one’s physical and psychological strength. A sky diver, jumping out of the plane, has only seconds to feel and enjoy the free fall, and it is only the parachute and his destiny that are capable to save his life and avoid deadly collision with the rapidly approaching surface of the Planet. However, those seconds are full of emotions, sky divers are looking for. In order to see those emotions, you have to look into the eyes of sky divers at those short moments of flying in the sky. However, in order to do that you will have to jump as well. Alternatively, you can save your adrenaline and simple have a look at the gallery of sky diving photographs, published below …

Surfing In The Sky by Andrea Maidecchi

Paragliding in Le Havre France by Thierry

Cloud-diving by faktoryboy

Saxophone by Curtis Morton

Old Glory by Craig Sorenson

Sun, sky, plane and man by Uros Petrovic

Atmonauti by Andrea Maidecchi

Photo by Andrea Maidecchi

… Yes, Ju in the sky! by Ju!

I’ll be Back! by Gurbir Singh Brar

Stanby..Exit by Andrea Maidecchi

Naomi’s Exit by Curtis Morton

Extreme Sightseeing by Curtis Morton

On top of the things by Pierre Sauvignon

Para-Gliding over Fox Glacier by BigFrank

Skydive Fly Skate by Rick Neves

IPC Boogie 2009, diving after Wayne by Kevin King

Skydiving Nov 2009, 7-way sunset at the beach by Kevin King

Canadian Rainbows by Kris Klop

Photo by Andrea Maidecchi

Hanging in There! by Rigor Mortisque

Over the top by Andrea Maidecchi

Steve-O’s 4-way by Curtis Morton

Exit by Faizal Omar

Landing by Ozgur POYRAZOGLU

Army National Guard Helicopters Provide Platform for West Point Jumpers by DVIDSHUB

Explored by Cali

Parachute 2 by Vicente Salazar

Paratroopers – 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne) / U.S. Army by Liesl Marelli

Ranger Rendezvous by The U.S. Army

CSA-2006-05-26-084718 by The U.S. Army by The U.S. Army

California by The U.S. Army

NATO jump by The U.S. Army by The U.S. Army

Jump over Mt. Rainier by The U.S. Army

The Drop by Eric-Jan Oud

Photo by Andrea Maidecchi

Wedge by yeahbutnah


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