Daily Inspirations no. 131

Our life is like a kaleidoscope with multicolored pieces constantly interchanging each other and combining together into amazing and unpredictable patterns. The art, being nothing but a reflection of our life, is also very much alike of a kaleidoscope, and so are our galleries of inspiring art works, which we present daily on Cruzine. We mix here portrait and fashion photographs, conceptual digital art, and funny cartoon illustrations, outstanding font designs, and innovative advertising concepts to provide our readers with a valid current reflection of art “as is”. Whether you are a professional or an amateur in design, you will definitely find something interesting here, something that will help you better understand modern digital art, and even inspire you for creating something on your own.


Chumley by Pete Barrett

A Days Work At Sandcastle Building by Chip Henderson

Untitled by Alberto Guglielmi

Windswept by Mark Boyle

Boat by Alessandro Bavari

Eiffel Tower by Christian Lalonde

Stealthily by Lennette Newell

Energy Saving Day by Dirckx Lieven

Cartier Black Water by Andreas Gemperle

Shapes by Eugenia Kyriakopoulou

Lip by Dean Elliott


Artwork by Wen-JR

Artwork by Vitaly S. Alexius

A I O N by Hyung Jun Kim

3d Arts

The Food Gang by Robert Hellmundt


Tally by Nicolas Lesaffre

Art and Digital Art

Beautiful Boogieman by Cris Wicks

BAGGER IMAGERY by Dennis Brown

2009 Paintings – Colour Collection by Camilla d’Errico


Youniq – educational toy design by Ah&Oh Studio

Typography by Nicolas Girard

Packaging Experiment by Petar Pavlov


Pringles Xtreme: Dragon by Grey

International Anti-Fur Coalition: Melany by Draftfcb+ Shimoni Finkelstein Barki

Bepanthen: Matches man by JWT


Casa Devoto by Andrés Remy Architects

Dramatic, Opulent and Original Bathtub by Lineatre


747-8 by Boeing

iCam by iCam


Flying Architecture


Textures set6 by frozenDi

Download Textures


Audio Visual – Trance | Everything – Marcel Woods HD! by Matthias Müller


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