Daily Inspirations no. 130

Many processes in a human life are cyclic in nature. For example, every Monday we start a new cycle of a working week; and if your profession relates to design industry there is no better way to start a new week than to charge yourself with a fresh portion of inspiration, that will help you generate new genuine ideas for really attractive and efficient design-related works. Via daily inspirational sets, Cruzine offers hints as to the sources of artistic inspiration. We display multiple design-related works from photography and to architecture design just to satisfy the appetite of our diverse audience, working in multiple spheres of the design industry. However, our inspirational sets are not for professional only. If you simply like graphics in all of its versatile forms – you will find here many examples of modern digital art and design works to enjoy.


Underwater Photography by Alexander Semenov

Portrait by Johanna Knauer

Underwater Photography by Alexander Semenov

Birds by Csaba Tökölyi

Nature by Bill Mangold

Cultures by Dmitri Markine

Photography by Julien Coquentin

Photography by Asit

Photography by Shai Yehezkel

From different life of the Crimean trees


Illustration by Wen-JR

Art by Vitaly S. Alexius

Podium by Tiago Hoisel

Still Standing by Michael Oswald

The BeastMaster by Kuang Hong

3d Arts

LeChuck the Zombie Pirate by Luis Arizaga Rico

Shape.92.0 by Tim Borgmann

Art and Digital Art

Sign Painter’s Daughter by Jamie Bennett

Figurative Illustrations by Sahin Karakoc

Epoch Organic 2 by Chad Wys


Handmade poster – Creative Moments

DBF T-Shirts by Rodrigo Francisco

Block Noise by Paul Hollingworth


Caveman by Oscar Ramos

Gregg’s Jelly: Eat the impossible, Ghost

Durex Condoms: Wegasm Chair

Architecture / Design

Cloud Chair by Richard Hutten’s

The Mosaiik Lounge Chair


Ark Angel LSV

Brabus iBusiness 2.0 system for Mercedes S-Class vehicles


Packaging World


Old Paper Textures II by Lizzie Aranas

Download Textures


Wingsuit Basejumping by Phoenix Fly


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