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Combine text and graphics, and you’ll get an efficient channel to deliver the desired message right to the wide audience. One of the fields, where such goal is among the primary ones, is logo design. Limited size of a logo does not limit the capabilities of a logo itself, which should be able to effectively represent a company, a project, a brand, etc., and make it easily recognizable in public. Hence, logo designers aim at creating a representative composition, which is clear, distinct, and meaningful. Naturally, what can be more meaningful than the words? So, logo designers often make use of such approach and write in words, what they want a logo to represent: for example, Karma Café, Beer Lab, or Stone Art Designs. Thus, looking at such logos, we do not need to guess a rebus of symbolic images, colors, or shapes – we just read the message and clearly understand what a particular logo stands for. Of course, graphics still remains an important component of such logo, decorating and highlighting the core idea of it.

Stone Art Designs by devey

Beer Lab by Mikeymike

Karma Café by Simon™

Fashionable alligator by 13mu

Proof by Alphabet Arm Design

Mihailovskaya(rus)v.2 by SOdesign

SA full version by Sergey Babenko

Citrus Ultras by Dee169

National Lacrosse League All-Star Game by Lock_Designs

Nest Coffee Lounge by Jerron Ames

WOWCHA! by – Yoon -

Spokane Shockers by matthiason

Artists & Repertoire Music Collective by dannygdammit

Bistro 1689 – now Illusionz Wine Bar Logo by Raja

Pizza Window by notation

Manito Tap House by Rokac

Copenhagen Wolves Gaming by matthiason

Pod kolpakom by dima je

Goodland Kitchen by Jerron Ames

Anchor Marine by webcore

Warrosrs by sanya

April Fools Fun by levelb

TV patrol by 13mu

Retail Across America by Jerron Ames

Wheatlys by lumo

Skinny’s by m1sternoname

Rastaman 2 by Dmitriy

Health & Beauty by folkypaul

Bike Community by folkypaul

Betty’s Fish & Chip Shop by PhilTheForce

Three Bears Café 4 by BigAl67

Broadway Street Project by Mikeymike

Campus Groupie by Anna Kovecses

California Cajun Foods by Jerron Ames

BPATA by – Yoon -

Impak by theMilo

StreetCustomz.TV by andreiu

Ruben´s Nuts by Alan Oronoz

Giardini dopo la Pioggia by cmyk

Lapis Boenda by stylorogue

Moovers by Alan Oronoz

RYJO cutting boards by Mikeymike

Bampi by ru_ferret

Death By Funk by Ben Garner

Matfabriken Sverige by Loogo

Long Island Sign Studios by devey

Prost! Glassworks by devey

Onalaska-Holmen Tornado Jr. Hockey Club by Matt Kauzlarich

H4H by Mike Erickson

92.5° by m1sternoname

Don Bocato by Alan Oronoz

Gamer Grip by EBrown

Chicken Shack by Mike Erickson

Texas Longhorns Hockey by grigoriou

Urban Gourmet by Sean Heisler

Montana Ski Company by Jerron Ames

Cavalry by Sergey Babenko

Skoff Dough Mixture 6 by BigAl67

Rocket Coffee by strangeideas

Green Monkey Tea by strangeideas

Photo Kitchen by dwit

SHOWMAN by Mike Erickson

Fresno Fuego FC by SevWork

Coastal Gardens by Jerron Ames

Cuda Crazy by jenlogo

River Park by azacarias7


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