Photography Portraits as the Most Realist Way to Represent a Human

There are several types of portraiture as the art of illustrating a human with the key focus on the face, including painting, photography, and sculpture. However, it is the photography portrait, which seems to be the most realistic technique, which is capable of showing not only the specific traits of a facial expression, but also the emotions, character peculiarities, and the inner world of a particular individual. Traditionally, a portrait is not a result of spontaneous snapshot, made by a photographer. Instead it is a planned action, which involves planning of the composition, preparation of the decorations and the model himself or herself, of course.

However, thinking about photography portrait as about a traditional, passport-sized image of a person with neutral expression and conservative clothing is not correct. Let us assure you that photography portrait has much more to show you, and we are just about to prove that. Below you’ll see the whole diversity of portraits – from those, showing the ultimate sensuality and seductiveness of a woman, to the portraits, where man’s strength and confidence are displayed. You’ll see the vast array of emotions: joy, happiness, kindness, romance, and even anger on the photography portraits we have collected today to share with the Cruzine readers.

Intimate by xomi

RockNRoll by xomi

Glam by xomi

Freak by xomi

Father by xomi

*** by Anton Privalov

*** by Anton Privalov

Photo by philipp a.

*** by Mark-Meir Paluksht

Dependence … by Mark-Meir Paluksht

*** by Mark-Meir Paluksht

Nerd by Lukas F.

Witch by Gamova Djulia

Mary by Tata Uskova

Come together boundaries of open space by Bukina Mary

Alice in Wonderland by Alexander Bootsman

Photo by Mecuro B Cotto

K by Paweł Rychert

Fawn by Arthur Pivtorak

* by Julia Nekrasova

By the wall by Vlad K

Untitled by Damian Hovhannisyan

Tempus Vernum by Alexander Kuzmin

Whirl by Nika Toroptsova

Portrait of a worker by Roman Shalenkin

On the night shift by Roman Shalenkin

S e n s u a l by Joanna Kustra

Hunger Pains by Ted Sabarese

Evolution by Ted Sabarese

Close-up by David Terrazas

Kumbh Mela 2010 by Ken Hermann

Portraits by Hugh Hamilton

Gipsy Kings Ghettographik Portraits by BRUNO PAIXÃO

Portraits by Patricio Suarez

Barnumville by Matt Hoyle

Les Muses by Pierre Manning

Variety of Portraits by Brandon Voges

Friends & Neighbors by Joao Canziani

AXA by Benoit Paillé

AMERICAN FARMER – with Paul Mobley by Mike Campau

Musica by Peter Kemp

Portraits by Jeroen Hofman

PORTRAITS by Hernan Corera

Editorial Assignments by Neda Abghari

Tri-X portraits by Milan Josipovic


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