Horror Illustrations – The Dark Side of Digital Art

The fact is that our life is not only about joy, fun, and happiness; it provides enough space for other emotions as well, such as fear, anger, disgust, and sadness. However, this statement just reflects the way this world was built – the world, which combines black and white, good and evil, happiness and misfortune. However, the word “to combine” does not always mean “to merge”, and the distinct line between all those opposites always exists. Art is nothing but the reflection of the life itself. Hence, it cannot be only about beautiful people, pastel colors, and peaceful landscapes. Though it is necessary to admit here that for many years art remained pretty conservative, focusing mainly on the beauty and harmony. Thus, whether we like it or not, art needs to start illustrating both sides of life, because otherwise the portrait produced will be simply incomplete.

Today with the rapid development and wide popularization of digital techniques, art became much more liberal – artists are no longer under obligations of some unshakeable traditions, dogmas, and principles. Everyone can choose his own approach and illustrate his own vision of art purposes and values. Now we want to show our readers just a small part of a modern alternative art, namely, horror illustrations, which obviously fall out of the mainstream, but definitely remain a part of some global and current art process. The illustrations you will see below were not created and are not displayed here to promote some Dark Side of the life; their main purpose is to show people an alternative art and remind one ancient wisdom – if we deny something or close our eyes not to see something, it does not mean that those things do not exist…

City of decay by Anton Semenov

Blind Evil by Tomasz Plonka

Evil Monkeys by Hyeondo Park

Mystic Canine by Tarin Yuangtrakul

Beauty is a Black Hole by Jeff Finley

Mirtha, Bringer of Doom by Martin Ansin

Post Apocalyptic cities by Vitaly S Alexius

New Pieces by Matei Apostolescu

The Four Ladies of the Apocalypse by Planeterror

Nothing Else? by Luca Pisanu

Digital Illustration by Shawn Conn

Miscellaneous by Anton Semenov

Scream by Jacek Rudowski

Necromantic by More Than A Friend

Lady Enmity by Apricot Mantle

Horror Classic Characters by Eduardo Cardenas

We found the gate to Hell by Christer Wibert

The Wicked by Per Øyvind Haagensen

The Unstoppable by Reynan Sanchez

Sewer dwelling monster by Andrei Pervukhin

Endzeit by Michael Kutsche

Insect tower by Xiaochen Fu

Marie Antoinette’s Revenge by Cris de Lara

Battle Rage Prologue 2 by Artur Sadlos

Hells Collector by Cole Eastburn

Talisman of Death by Martin McKenna

Can we see Uppergrouds today, mommy? by Pavel Lagutin

Thoughts by Alex Ruiz

Day Watch.Twilight. by Pavel Lagutin


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