Daily Inspirations no. 128

Daily Inspirations no. 128

Some wise man once said that the true talent of an artist appears when he (the artist) can illustrate anything, even seemingly unimportant objects in a very special way, revealing the hidden yet significant values of that object. In other words, for a true artist there are no pointless activities or objects with no importance, because he understands clearly that everything in the surrounding world matters. Perhaps, this is a case of the law of harmony in the Universe; and artists not only understand this law, but they almost physically feel it and try to teach other people around to achieve the same level of perception of the surrounding world. Have a look at the works, presented in the collection of inspiring graphics from Cruzine below, and try to focus your attention on the way, photographers and digital artists depict the smallest details of the compositions. Very often, such tiny details report the primary meaning of the entire picture…

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