Pixelated Free Fonts

Pixel is the basic elementary component of any digital image. Modern displaying technologies have made a great progress to make separate pixels invisible for users; however, designers often choose intentionally to display pixels in large size, thus creating a particular style of a picture or text, when we speak about computer fonts in particular. Actually, pixelated fonts, such as those free fonts showcased below, represent the previous era of digital typography, when the resolution of the displays was low, making the text look angular, awkward, lugged, or just pixelated as the generally accepted term. Today free pixelated fonts with their distinct dots and squares are used in multiple types of design, where it is desirable to underline the machine-origin of the message or create the specific atmosphere of computer fonts, popular a few decades ago.

standard 07_53


UP Tiny lcd four 8

Mobile Man


hooge 05_55 Cyr2

Minecraft Regular



kroeger 06_55

5×8 LCD HD44780U A02 Regular

V5 Prophit Dot

Dots All For Now JL

01 Digit

copy 10_56

PF Arma Five font

Square One

superpoint _rounded




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