Daily Inspirations no. 127

There are many ways to find the source of inspiration. In order to get inspired some people meditate, read, listen to music, others prefer to enjoy the natural beauty of the landscapes or observe the completed works of others to find inspiration for themselves. Actually, every creative personality makes his own choice of the methodology, when it comes to searching or even hunting for inspiration. Cruzine is an online environment dedicated to all aspects of design. Hence, our major goal is visual inspiration as the precondition for creating new designs – from photography to web graphics and from typography to advertising posters. If you are one of those, searching for the artful inspiration, – we welcome you on board of Cruzine, heading to the inspiring world of versatile design forms.


Sea by Mark Laita

Photo by Peter Coulson

Photo by Peter Coulson

Magyarkéc by Miklós Konyha

Photo by Mihail Dremin

Photo by Viktor Lyagushkin

Photo by Shai Yehezkel

Mini City by Ben Thomas

Photo by Renata Raksha


Artwork by Wen-JR

City of decay by Anton Semenov

Adobe User Group XL by Momkai

3d Arts

Sea Dragonslug of doomy doom by Ian Joyner

IZAAC NEWTON KID by Marcos Nicacio

Rain on mars – Marlix by Andrew Hickinbottom

Art and Digital Art

Artwork by Steve McGhee

Cute monsters by Eva Funderburgh

Mini by ACCESS

MUSIC IS MATH by Tatiana Plakhova

T-shirts by Oh Yeah Studio


Braided Typography by Teagan White

Murderous Intent by Predrag Milankovic

GUIMARÃES JAZZ 2010 by Atelier Martino&Jaña


Toronto Crime Stoppers: Shrimp by DDB

Maggi: Crane house by Publicitas/Publicis S&S

Bic: Eiffel Tower by TBWA\Frederick


Puzzling Optical Illusion Bookshelf by John Leung

The Pure White Bookcase by Fitting


Vision ConnectedDrive concept by BMW

PhoeniX concept by Saab




Metallic textures by Ray Edwards

Download Textures


A Brief History of Title Design by Ian Albinson


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