Power Plants – Friends or Foes?

Energy – this is the essential part, requirement, and precondition of our today’s life, development, and evolution on the long run. We are dependent on energy today. We need it to cook food, to warm and light our houses, to fight the diseases, to produce all kinds of merchandise, and to make new discoveries and achievements in science and art. On the very basic level, we need energy to make everything in the life of a modern man move and work, ensuring all the modern lifestyle comforts and benefits. Actually, the value and importance of energy is out of question today. Rather it is the price we need to pay for the energy – this is the question, which still remains open…

All kinds of power plants, the sources of energy, are featured in this showcase at Cruzine. From highly efficient yet risky nuclear power stations to environment-friendly innovative wind power stations – we have many faces of the power plants to show to our readers today. Those faces are very different – some look magnificent, others – scary, some – peacefully, and others – pretty dangerously. Thinking about power plants a bit more thoroughly, one can again face the eternal dilemma – does the end justify the means? Is the price we, our children, and our Planet pay for the energy today fair? This question is also open today; however, humans do not have other choice than to reconsider it once again and finally make some serious decisions about the entire concept of our energy sources and power plants in particular.

Goumei Wetland by Te-Wei Liu

Iowa Wind Farm by Dave Berryman

E-on Power plant by Bram van Broekhoven

Das Kraftwerk in Rugeley by Semi-detached

Beautiful wildlife by gicol

Stairway to heaven by xmyrxn

Chimneys … by Ásmundur Þorkelsson

My Dam Story by |sumsion|

Nuclear Powerplant Z. (AT) by Christoph Klinger

Above the clouds by michi.p

Control Room by Chris Hoare

Out of play! by Dutch Dennis

Generating by John Crouch

Power_plant by Luke Healey

PowerPlant – Springfield, MO by William and Lisa Roberts

To the West of Bangui by Storm Crypt

Solar Power Plant by Klaus Leidorf

CHP power station Karlsruhe by Dennis Fischer

060311_0003 by Dave Rizzolo

Floodcompensator shaft by Christoph Klinger

Buttons by jrej

Photo by Sylwester Czopek

Wolf Moon by Dr. Strangelove

Global Warming by Daniel Cheong

Windpower by Erik J.

Exploit by Andreas Reinhold

Much easier… by gicol

Itaipu, elevation 144 by Nilton Ramos Quoirin

Wind Angels by Tony Immoos

Yaciretá by Nilton Ramos Quoirin

Nuclear Winter in Chernobyl by Trey Ratcliff

Inguri Dam by Dato Rostomashvili

Power Generation Darkens the Sun by Christian Senger

Cholla Power Plant by David Teter

Boiler Plant by snake.eyes

Itaipu by Kaj Bjurman

Nuclear Powerplant Z. (AT) by Christoph Klinger

Geothermal Energy – Hellisheiði Power Plant, Iceland by Skarphéðinn Þráinsson

JR-3 experimental nuclear reactor by Daniel Cano Ott

Inside Battersea Power Station. by LiamCH

Aurora borealis + Geothermal power by Gunnar Gestur Geirmundsson

Screw boys (Explored-Front Page) by Neil Armstrong

Smoke station by Halsemann

Control room by blackdog.photo

Electric overkill by EOS1DsIII

Power Plant by Mary Beth Griffo Rigby

Power to the People! by Randy Robertson


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