Daily Inspirations no. 126

No sufferings can affect the inspiration, but it is definitely killed by the trivial problems… We are positive that this statement once made by some artist is now widely supported by lots and lots of creative people who know it is true from their own experience. Let’s make a deal today: put aside all your little things, forget about any everyday problems you might have, stop worrying about anything but the art for just a half of an hour, and dedicate this short period of time to observing and enjoying the art pieces created by the modern designers and artists. Half an hour is not much, but it is certainly enough to sooth your mind and distantiate you from the triviality, supply you with creative ideas and load with mighty inspiration to create the works others will admire. So, welcome to the daily inspirational set complied by the Cruzine team!


Splash And Dance by Tomoya Hara

Seagulls Of Many Types by Chip Henderson

Surf Dog by Dana Neibert

Folie 10 by Adrien Dewisme

Chain Reaction by Rod Mclean

Bilon by Sol Abadi

Relaxed Female Leopard by Michael Poliza

Big Air by Don Johnston

Like A Real Woman by Don Johnston


Homage by Filipe Laurentino

F.D.B Cover by Juan Parra

Bee by Tiago Hoisel

Ampharos Fanart by Luiza McAllister and Thiago Lehmann

Harley Quinn by Aly Fell

Ricochet by Loïc e338 Zimmermann

3d Arts

Gong Li and tentacle by Serge Birault

Landing by Alessandro Baldasseroni

Ideas Books – Flashing Marilyn, Agassi & Elvis by Peter Kolus

Art and Digital Art

Lady Godiva by Kirsi Salonen

Artwork by Ian Naud


LEXUS CT200H by Like Minded Studio

Discover Magazine 30th Anniversary Cover by Craig Ward



Vilnius International Film Festival (Kino Pavasaris): Cliches by MILK

Batelco Voice SMS: Bubbles, Boxer by FP7/BAH

Wüsthof Knives: Snowwhite by Jung von Matt/Alster


Hybrid by allê

Asami Light Sofa by Colico


Yikebike by Yikebike

OliPad 100 by Olivetti




Free Web Icons by Styleprone

Download Icons


Drawing Inspiration by Wesley Louis


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